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I worked as a security guard at one of the local hospitals and despite what I am going to tell you it's a pretty good place to work. Hours are plentiful, pay is good and the nurses are down right sweet. That being said it is still a hospital and as such comes with it's bad stuff. I confess, and forgive me if I come across a little morbid, I have been in the presence of more death in first 6 months on the job than the previous 30 years of my life but that's not what this is about. This story is about the hospital basement.

Now I had initially been hired to work a specific area of the hospital and had day time hours but when a full time evening shift opened up I went for it (gotta make that money) which meant I had free range to patrol the whole property; one of the areas I got to patrol is the basement, which contrary to what you might think is a pretty busy part of the building. X-ray Department, Custodian, Engineering, Food Prep, are just some of the many departments that fill the basement so it's not exactly a spooky, dark place. But once 8pm hits and the vast majority of employees have gone home that basement gets very quiet; and that's when the incidents began.

It was my first week as patrol officer and so far had been rather uneventful, which I was fine with as a 5 year veteran of private security in other areas I was hoping for less action for a while. One night I was making my rounds in the basement when I heard footsteps, normally this is no big deal but it was late so it caught my attention immediately. I didn't think it was a big deal, maybe a nurse had to grab something or a visitor took a hilariously big wrong turn so I wandered in that direction. As I approached the corner I check the wall mirror (for those of you who don't know hospitals have ball shaped mirrors to allow staff to check around corners, thus preventing any gurney fender benders) and I saw nothing, no people, no shadows, no movement of any kind. I rounded the corner to make sure and it was an empty hallway. Only place they could turn into was the elevators and I would have heard the 'ding' from them if someone had entered. It was strange but I shrug it off, probably my brain messing with me.

A similar incident a few days later. While checking to make sure that Engineering didn't leave their equipment in plain sight (again) I suddenly hear voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying but it was for sure human voices. I went to check out of curiosity more than anything else but I no matter where I walked the voices always seemed distant. I didn't see anyone and I must have walked the entire basement and the voices always sounded distant. Then suddenly it went quiet. Just like that. As if they had left the area. How very strange but again I chalked it up to nothing unusual. Maybe some Custodian had left a radio or podcast on or something. In my mind it was all easily explained and no big deal.

While that could be explained easily enough this next one was unnerving because I can't explain it to this day. Another day another basement patrol and I am walking down a large stretch of hallway when in front of my I notice a set of doors closed, these are fire doors that are held open magnetically and automatically close upon the fire alarm going off, which incidentally had happened early (false alarm in case you were wondering). Clearly these two hadn't been pushed open after the all clear so I walk towards them to do the job. Then one of them opened up; not swung open aggressively but just casually opened like someone was just passing through. This caused me to stop in my tracks in shock. These doors are pretty heavy so nobody could have just yanked it open and ducked out of sight. This door was pushed to the wall in a smooth motion, not shoved or slightly open and unless there was a very specifically located hurricane in that spot those doors were not hit by a sudden draft (not one strong enough to open a fire door all the way, anyway) needless to say I patrolled the more populated areas that night.

There was also the cold spots. So many cold spots in that basement. This wasn't wind or air conditioning these were specific moments of cold that randomly disappeared shortly afterwards, these were not normal they were everywhere, not just the same spots everytime, different spots, spots where it should have been warm (by the food prep kitchen or near the CT Scan room) it made no sense.

A few weeks of this and I was just doing my best to ignore it. Job paid well and I didn't want to abandon ship just like that. But that nearly changed one evening. Another basement patrol (woohoo sadly I can't skip it or say I did when I didn't because the highers ups? They know, they know) so back I am again late at night in the creepyza empty basement telling myself that my car will be paid for a lot faster with this salary. I approach the corner from the first incident coincidentally and check the wall mirror on instinct and freeze. A figure around the corner. Not a person but a human shaped black mass. Just standing there around the corner. I am horrified at this point, my mind was already on high alert, now it was on red alert. I tried to reason with myself "It's a smudge on the mirror? No they clean those daily stupid!" I am terrified, I am shaking, I am wishing I had a fellow guard with me (for what good that would do) and I am praying to God, Odin, Ra, freaking Santa Claus if I have to that this thing doesn't decide to move towards me. I am standing there for what seems like an eternity but was about a minute when this thing finally walks the opposite direction of me. Defying all sense of reason I decided to poke my head around the corner and try to get a look at this thing. It's gone. Disappeared. I look up at the mirror and it's clear as well. Just me in this basement. I scramble up stairs on a sprint and spend the shift around the nurses station expecting very little sleep that night when I got home.

A couple of months later and, short of the aforementioned cold spots, things have calmed down. I am working an earlier shift and I am down in the basement with a coworker doing the rounds when I hear the sound of voices, now admittedly this could be anyone at that time of day but I am still quite paranoid about this basement so my mind instantly goes to the worst possible scenario. I stop then turn to my coworker and and ask in a freaked out sounding way if they can hear voices. To my relief they say yes and I calm down, then my coworker says "You get used to it" and I instantly stop and stare at them. 

"What do you mean" I ask

"Voices, weird noises all that shit. Work here long enough and you get used to it, especially in this area. I assume you have seen or heard something judging by the fact that you looked like a deer in headlights just now?"

I tell them about my experiences and they say "Yeah most of us have all had similar incidents when patrolling this area, don't worry about it you will learn to shrug it off. I feel I should add quickly that this coworker is older and has been with the company for about 15 years, which to me explained how they were so casual and nonchalant about it while I was losing my shit inside.

"Why this area?" I asked "Never anywhere else"

"Dude you really have to ask?" They laughed and then it hit me and I almost kicked myself for not figuring it out. The form, the footsteps, the voices, the door, even the majority or the cold spots. They all happened within a close proximity of the morgue. I had been given a tour of the facility when I started but seeing as I was assigned a specific post when I started I kinda just forgot about the morgue and its location.

"Why was I not told!?" I asked them

"Because you wouldn't believed us, admit it." they responded and I can admit that they were right, had they mentioned it on day one I would have laughed it off as either messing with the new guy or just silly stories so I can blame them. 

I worked at that hospital for a year before being transferred to a different site. Still a hospital but this one doesn't have a ER, ICU, or a Morgue so I feel better, coworkers are great, job still pays well and I genuinely like being here. But I still double check those mirrors when I approach any corner and I still jump at any sound when I am alone at night on the job. And I hope against hope that I will eventually get used to it.

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Wish I was a good writer, I  have so many tales from when I  worked at the hospital for the criminally insane as a psyc. tech.
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