When I was in elementary school, my father had moved to a different state and I was in a very vulnerable state of mind.
I am now 17 and every time I think about this night my heart fails to keep a calm pace.

My mother and I had just met some family friends for dinner. On our way home from a nice dinner I had a creepy feeling in the back of my neck. I kept looking behind the car expecting to see something.
There was always nothing.

I brushed it off being the quiet type I said nothing to my mother. As soon as I got home I had the worst fear of my life, I went and sat in my room trying to calm down while my mother went to the bathroom.

As I was sitting there, I heard a voice say to me, "youre not alone" the voice was calming but as soon as it said that I knew why I was tense.
The voice was right, I wasn't alone. Somebody or more accuratly something was in my house. I grabbed my small hatchet that I had at the time and went to the bathroom door, "MOM!! Somebody is in the house!!" I yelled through the door.

Immediatly she opened the door and looked me in the eye, than at the axe. We continued to search the house and found nothing. We called our dinner friends, and they came over. One of them being spiritually sensitive, same as I.

We continued to go to the basement at this point it was 11:30 at night. When we got there I was cold, colder than I ever have been and I live in alaska.
Now that place is cold and I've never been that cold again.

I couldnt move and everybody else was fine. I said to them all "I can't move."
They all looked at me and the sensitive one of them says to me, "It has you." 
I just felt panic come over me and at this point things get fuzzy.

The sensative one sat on the couch and said, "leave this boy alone. Come unto me instead." still unable to move, I felt a surge of cold in my legs and I took two steps forward.
Now understand for me that I was unable to move myself. I had been trying for a long time. It was now 1:30 in the morning.

I had taken the steps and was cold still. I looked to the sensative one in fear, and told them it wasnt me who took the steps. She once again said, "come unto me I demand it!"
I was flushed with warmth and fell to my knees. She got sick.
So sick that she nearly passed out and had a headache so bad that she couldn't open her eyes.

We went upstairs slowly and sat down on the living room couch. Everything was dark but the lights were on.
I begged to call our churches pastor and they all refused as of the time, it being 2:30 in the morning.

So instead we called my father. He didn't answer so we called my brother who lived with him in a groggy voice I hear, "hello?" I start fast, "get the phone to dad!" I yelled in panic so he did.
"Whats wrong buddy?" My dad questioned.
"There is something tryjng to posses us."  I say into the phone.

I heard the tv stop and my former stepmother say, "what the f***?"
He gets on the phone again and says, "Son, we are gonna pray "
I tell him that what I wanted to as well. So we started our prayer.

He prayed that the hand of God would come over our house and provide shelter as well as a legion of angels to come and fend off what ever was there.
As soon as he finished praying the house lit up to a brightness I had never seen. 
I saw the most terrifying thing i have ever seen.

Hundreds of 3-4 foot tall cloaked black shadowed things screaming and howling flooded out through the windows and I just shut down.

My dad stayed on te phone for a while longer to calm me and get everybody under control. We all went to bed shortly after around 4 in the morning and I will never forget the terror and cold I felt that night.
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Hey Colton, thank you for submitting your story. It has been edited to include spacing after the paragraphs. 


"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown."
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