Hi, I’m a 22 year old Carer from, United Kingdom. I work different shifts each week, I work with my mother who’s the manager, 

My mother asked me when doing the rota if I’d like to cover the cooks shift, I agreed as it’s something new and different. The day of my cooking shift, I was in for 7:30am, started cooking bacon for the residents, pouring the porridge, after an hour or so, I walked over to the sink to wash the bowls and plates to see in the corner of my a figure, they looked to be taller then 6 ft, all I could see was black, no face no clothing staring at me, I thought to myself to shrug it off and carry on, moving to dinner, I cooked few of them curry and the rest jacket potatoes, when I walked to sink and started washing up, I felt a cold feeling on my shoulder brush down my arm, I told them to leave and that I wasn’t interested in talking to them, the feeing disappeared, 

i asked my mother about it, and she told me a few residents asked about a man walking into their room,( room 13), just standing there. I just shrugged and left it.

another time i saw 5 figures, different times,
one was when I walk past this room, this lady moved homes and sadly passed away; but I always see her sitting in her room, just staring at the wall.

second was a different figure,  of an old resident walking with their frame and looking in the kitchen and walking off, 

third is when I did another cooking shift, I was washing a plate to look left to see a figure of a quite large women, she was wearing formal trousers, flowery top, short hair and glasses.. I asked other staff and a Few didn’t know, I asked my mom, which she said ‘ that’s (we will call her Sam), the old cook, ‘ , my mom always says she’s here watching me when I cook.. which makes me laugh.

this last one happened after I was discussing skin walkers with the cook, she was telling me how her son saw one when. Jogging in the night and her ex husband was doing the milk run, to see a all four walking figure stare right at him, and then run off..

i was was working the night shift, to help out, I was taking the yellow bag out back, when I was walking back, I looked into the conservatory, I saw a black figure stand in front of a chair, he was pointing at me, to my hesitation I looked back; looked back in the conservatory to see the black figure up the window, I ran into the home and locked the doors.

I have never been scared in my life...

My last one was when I was cleaning the rooms upstairs, I was at the far back room deep cleaning the room, I looked up to see a figure walk up form the stairs, look right at me for few seconds to then shot right at me, I gasped for air and the I was fine after.

my mom has had experiences too hearing people, she was cooking one day to hear a giggle, calm and soft and she said ‘ what’s funny sam’( the old cook)

another Time she heard a laugh, was when she was speaking to another staff member to hear a dark and deep voiced ‘huh huh’. 

this last one both me and my mother heard, one time, my mother was in charge and I was the cook; she was teaching me different foods I could cook for us to both hear a loud scream, it pierced our hears, one of the other carers ran towards us asking if everything was ok, we checked everyone and they were fine and after a while my mom found out who it was, and every so often we still hear the scream.

Working in in a care home isn’t as easy and fun as people think, I see loads of figures a lot, staff tell me to block them out, I try too but I think the figures want me to see them, not to hurt me, to know they are okay, and hear to look after us. 
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