By Cameron

This happened to me when I was, about, 3 years old. I'm now a 43 year old dad of 2 and thinking about this still scares the hell out of me.

When I was young I used to like to bounce on my parents bed, they had an orthopaedic mattress, so one day after visiting the toilet I'd gone into their bedroom and proceeded to play on the bed bouncing for all I was worth, when, suddenly a woman, and I use the term loosely, came out of my parents wardrobe and made a god awful sound like a loud choking. I said it look like a woman but the thing was actually bald and for all the world looked like a shop mannequin.

She had red lipstick on with blue eye shadow and a red dress with yellow flowers on it. I ran screaming from the bedroom to my mum, who was down stairs, after she calmed me down I told her what had happened and that the lady was trying to get me.

My mum took me upstairs so I could show her what I'd seen but I told her that the lady would get her, thankfully it didn't and she's ok, and started to scream and panic. The bedroom was as empty as when I first entered it and from that day on my trips to the toilet were a lot shorter and didn't involve any bouncing on my parents bed.

Even now 40 years later I can still see her in my minds eye and I've never seen it since and I don't want to either.

I did dream about it a while ago although I didn't see it in my dream I new it was there. I've had other spooky experiences but nothing and I mean nothing will ever come close to making me feel as scared as she did that sunny day.
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