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Hey dude I used to listen religiously to your channel a while ago it helped me a lot through some personal issues. The scary stories distracted me through a bad time. I never thought any of it could be real until 3 nights ago.

my friend was dropping me home late at night bout 1:09am and I live in kind of a crappy area there are a lot of drug dealers and prostitutes lurking in the night. But not this time. This night the street was so dark and empty you could hear a pin drop.
As we enter the cul de sac up my street my bud asks me slowly “what is that?” And as I look up, 1 foot away from the front of the car on the passenger side there was a woman. 
At first I said “ew it’s just a hooker” but then I looked closer. 
I saw this woman was wearing Long pants and a blouse all made of black garments that seemed to be weightless , her hair appeared jet black and very greasy almost like it was wet but somehow also weightless like it was flowing in the wind.
IT was when I tried to see her eyes that freaked me right out. 
As I tried to make eye contact I noticed that under her bangs I couldn’t make out her eyes it was almost like they were sunk in and had heavy eye shadow underneath. But her face was pale and her eyes weren’t there just 2 very dark spots. 
She then turned to me and gave me the most evil grin I have ever witnessed. I yelled at my friend to floor it who was in disbelief himself. 
 As we left I looked back to see if she would follow us as my house was just 5 doors away. But she was gone... this was an open area and a  whole matter of entirely 30seconds to a minute total only about 4seconds to my house.
i stayed up with the light on until 6am.
I immediately looked up lore on the woman in black. The description matched our experience to a T. 
Its said the woman in black appears to men who have been out too long with friends when they should be at home with their families. This was believed to have the effect of keeping men at home with their wives and families instead of them going out every night. 

It’s been 3 days and I’m still freaked out I’ve called my homie and discussed the whole scenario and even he’s shook. All my life I’ve known this guy and never once has he believed in the supernatural. He told me he couldn’t bring himself to look at her because he just had a really bad feeling when he tried.

i had recently lost my faith and was not a believer which is why I ignored my fear enough to try and get a good look. I put a picture of Jesus up in my room the next morning and found my faith again. But holy fuck dude. I had been praying for a sign of god to see that he’s real. I think if this thing could exist then there has to be a god.

thanks for your time darkness 
i still think you’re the bees knees and an icon in the YouTube scary story community. 

If you had a super power it would definitely be your voice, people get addicted to it.


billy czar
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