I live in Minnesota and this past winter something weird happened to me. I never had anything paranormal or weird stuff happen to me so this still has me in shock. One day after a big blizzard hit us I decided to go out and take my snowmobile out. I was at least 5 miles away from my house riding around in the fields and I started to notice there was blood in the snow. I didn’t think much of it because there are coyotes around where I lived.

That was until I saw where the blood was coming from. There was at least 3 dead coyotes all torn apart I have never seen anything like that in my life.

In the distance I heard a stick snap and in that moment I just felt pure dread like I was going to die. I kept looking around to see what made the noise. I didn’t see anything at first until I turned back over to look straight in front of me. I saw a big black wolf with Orange yellow eyes at least a 100 feet away from me. Then all of a sudden this thing literally just stood up on its two feet and howled.

I have never seen anything like it.

It went back on it’s four legs and charged at me. I pushed my snowmobile throttle all the way and flew out of there so fast. That night I couldn’t fall asleep.

I felt like something was watching me and then I heard the howl again. It was literally right next to my house it hurt my ears. I have never been so scared in my life. I still here the howl some nights but never close to my house and I’ve never seen that creature again but I always feel like I’m being watched. If someone could tell me what that thing was and how to get rid of it please tell me how.
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Its probably a dogman, werewolf, lycan whatever you want to call it and from all the encounters i've heard they seem

unstoppable, bullets won't do much but they do seem to run out of breath more easily then your normal wild animal so anyone who can run relatively fast and has good stamina should be able to get away aslong as a vehicle is nearby.

For the most part i dont think they kill humans, they probably just find it amusing to chase and scare the ever living crap out of us, once they find where you live they are known to stare at you through your window, and with how strong they are they could break in and kill you if they really wanted to but they don't, however that doesnt mean you shouldn't run when you see them

because theres only a few things primal beings enjoy and if you dont give them the pleasure of chasing you then im sure they'll find something else to do with you,

If you want to drive it away I suggest placing bear traps around your property and leaveing bait at the center, but leave them in hard to reach places, to avoid catching wildlife, and place them during the winter when bears are hibernating and food is scarce, it probably won't die from it but it'll probably be enough to convice it to roam elsewhere especially if done multiple times
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