I grew up in Penticton, BC and moved to Alberta back in 2012.

I am now a senior in Highschool. My friends and I have always been interested in the occult as we practice weekly at one another's homes.

Anyways before I go completely off topic. This encounter happened in the summer. I was walking my dog, Chew who is a German Shepherd Amstaff mix. It was a normal summer night everyone in their homes partying away and parents sleeping for work the next day. And no this isn't "It was the full moon so it must be a werewolf" but rather it was a waxing crescent.

Keep in mind I live in a suburban neighbourhood where we get Bobcat sightings and coywolf sightings every few days so you learn to fend them off or back off slowly in the other direction. But what my dog and I saw was no Bobcat or coywolf.

As I was saying. My Dog chew and I were walking our normal route near my little brother's school where drug deals and gang meetings go down but eh it's normal. That night there was a drug deal going on in the school parking lot so I diverted to the field.

What I saw took me week's to fully comprehend. It seemed to be a dark loomong figure with only some moonlight hitting it's body. It isn't as tall as some accounts of a dogman or werewolf say but rather the hight of a full grown man. So I'd say around 5'11" or 6 foot. It's eyes seemed to be blank. Not animalistic though. It still seemed to be human.... ish.

My dog started growling and launching himself towards the thing until it crept closer to us. The odd thing is I felt at ease. As if this thing wasn't something to be feared. I pulled my dog back trying to calm him down while keeping eye contact with it. It started turning away and that is when it's silhouette was truly highlighted by the moon. It had a average build and a face that seemed distorted and those teeth... well they are something to be afraid of.

But what I am shocked by is that this thing, this beast didn't come after me or my dog. It just simply walked away. And somehow I wasn't afraid of this beast with teeth that could rip me apart in no time.

I'm still not sure if it was a werewolf or a figment of my imagination but I swear everytime I walk that same route I feel like I'm being watched. Paranoia due to that night.. maybe? But I guess I'll never know.
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