So I was a 3rd grader when this happened I didn't believe in the paranormal activity but this change everything so one day I was going home in my mom's car I was asleep I woke up I was at home but something didn't feel right I walked my mom was home I was everything was normal it was around my bed time so I went to sleep I woke up the next day I went to school and my friend Jay says wanna sneak out and go sneak into school tonight I was excited so we went no teachers were in there when we were there it was only us Jay said this way I was following him I said I had to use the bathroom I went in I got out I saw something huge when I looked around the corner I was gonna well jays name he grabbed my mouth and said shut up I was like what the big thing said why Jay we ran when he was gone I said bye jay I went to bed the next day he was gone they said he moved but one of his brothers that lives bye himself he was 23 he told me he left because his mom didn't want to live there anymore because the dad had a stroke on that bed he yelled something weird why Jay that scared me today I wonder what happened to Jay and that monster that was in that school then two years later I had a dream about that monster I looked up I looked into the forest I saw something run into back into the forest what happened


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