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Hunting. It seems like fun to some people. I used to feel that way myself. It was never for food, but just sport. I know this sounds cliched, but I had an experience where the hunter became the hunted. 

In 2009, I decided to do what I often do. That was take a break and go somewhere to relax. When I heard a hunting expedition was planned, I immediately got on board. Since there were 2 of my friends on the same trip, I figured it would be fun. We ended up going with a veteran hunter named Buck Adams (his real name). He told us stories about previous hunting trips where he bagged whatever he was after. Deer, bear, ruffed grouse, pheasant, he had gotten them all. He told us we were going to a secret hunting spot in western Pennsylvania, to a place where we could find some real trophies. He once got a 17-point buck there. Having a chance to grab something of that magnitude made me even more eager. When we arrived, at the spot, we were split into groups of 4, since there were 13 of us. Buck had his own tent. The other 4 were shared by 3 people each. The first night we were there, he said "Go ahead and explore before you turn in. Just watch out for the werewolf." Since I didn't know how to react, I just laughed nervously. A guy with us named Mark told us that a creature called the Squonk (Squawnk) was more believable than that. Buck's face was stone-cold. "I'm not kidding" he said with venom in his voice. 

When I asked Mark if he really was that confident that there were no werewolves, he gave the exact reply I was expecting. "He just wants to scare us. New kids, old stories. That's the way it works." I was about to reply when we all heard a SNAP! sound. Not knowing what it was and not wanting to know, we all dove inside a tent. I was with Mark, Christopher, and 1 of my friends, Grant. Christopher whispered "That's 4 people. 1 of you needs to find a different tent." I was about to punch him, when I heard a weird guttural growl. The 4 of us did rock, paper, scissors to see who would look. Grant was the first one to lose, so he peeked outside. He brought his head back inside in 1 second. His eyes were wide and he seemed too shocked to speak. "What's wrong?" I asked. He pointed outside. I looked and saw a terrifying sight.

There was a monster there. About 8 feet tall, silver hair/fur, glowing yellow eyes, and a muscular build. I was about to yell, when Mark grabbed me from behind, dragged me inside the tent and quietly zipped the flap. "Okay" he whispered. "Buck wasn't trying to scare us. He was serious." We all huddled together and heard the creature stomping towards our tent! I let out a sigh of fear, Chris dug his fingers into my arm, Grant started saying Hail Marys, and Mark was letting out squeaks of fear. After 10 minutes, we all heard a rifle shot. The thing howled like a wolf and ran on two legs back into the woods. Buck unzipped our flap and asked if we were okay. We confirmed that we were, but Buck still suggested we go to a different area of the state, so we did the very next morning. 

Was what we saw a werewolf? I can't be positive, but it wasn't like a wolf I've seen. For one thing, they can't stand on 2 legs, they aren't 8 feet tall, and they don't growl or howl in any way close to what I heard. I decided to just stop camping altogether after that. Think about it. if there is a werewolf out there, what else could be lurking in the woods?
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