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I used to eagerly await Halloween every year when I was growing up. Since I wasn't able to attend Oktoberfest until I was 21, I really didn't have anything else to look forward to. I would trick-or-treat with my sister (until she died) or friends. Once, I went by myself. I really wish I hadn't.

It was 2014, and I was bored, so I figured I would buck tradition and go trick-or-treating myself. I went to a SPIRIT Halloween store and bought a Link costume since Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite video games. I saw a few other people there and figured they were bored or going to a party, so I just paid and left. I decided to leave at 5 and when I walked outside, I saw a few other people were starting early. I quickly face timed a couple friends and saw they were Laughing Jack and Clockwork from the Creepypasta stories. As we talked about the day, one of my friends asked "Who did you convince to dress as a demon?" When I asked him what he meant, he said "Don't play dumb. Someone is standing right beside you, dressed as a demon." I looked to my left, but didn't see anything. I almost looked to my right, but before I turned that way, I got a chill on the back of my neck. I knew if I turned my head, I would see something that I didn't want to see. I decided to just do my trick-or-treating to get my mind off it. A few people I knew said it was great that I did it one last time, but I wasn't able to smile about it. The entire time, I got a nauseating feeling, because I knew something was following me. If I turned around, I would come face-to-face with something horrifying.

After 2 hours, I had a giant amount of junk food, so I was ready to leave. Now, I had to make a choice: walk backwards, crab walk sideways, or turn around and face the terror. I took a deep breath and turned around to see something that actually wasn't scary at first. It looked like a kid about 8 years old. We just stared at each other. He looked at an old house that I had just peeked inside to see if there were any occupants. He turned back to me and said in a deep growl "I NEVER WENT TO YOUR HOUSE. DON'T GO TO MINE." I was about to reply, when the boy blinked and his eyes turned red. He also now gave off a smell like sulfur. I was so scared, I was actually frozen.  "DO YOU WANT ME IN YOUR HOUSE?!" he demanded. It must've been loud, because a few kids turned towards me, then shrieked and ran. I quickly shook my head and the kid growled, then vanished. I probably broke Usian Bolt's record when I ran back to my home. I jumped inside and slammed the door. My wife looked up from her book (she was at work until 7) and asked me what my problem was. I told her what happened and she said "Very funny. Ha ha." I know it was a demon. I also knew after that, I was done trick-or-treating for good. Now, I only go to Oktoberfest.
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