I live in a small house in a tightly packed and close-knit neighborhood. Everyone knows each other, and there are hardly any secrets between neighbors. The point of this is, I know exactly who lived in my house right before me. It was an old man and his son. They moved away quite a while ago, and to be honest, I thought the old man died.
It's not like the sounds of a house settling scare me, but there are many other things that happen in this house that unnerve me. I hear random knocks on my bedroom door, the occasional scratching noise when I'm alone, and things go missing and get moved every once in a while, usually only my shoes. Seriously, almost once every month, my flip-flops and/or my sneakers just disappear for a day or two then reappear in the strangest places. This doesn't mean I think my house is haunted, it's just strange.
Typically no one has any reason to enter this neighborhood, meaning that the only people that knock on your door is a neighbor or a friend. That's why I found it odd when I swung open the door one day after some loud knocks to see an old man.
He looked at me for a moment after I greeted him.
"Where's Ramona? Who are you?"
I replied with something along the lines of: "You must have gotten the wrong house, I don't know a Ramona."
He insisted that Ramona was here, and even tried to push past me to get into the house. My brother came up behind me to help. Yet, he still tried to get past us to do the only thing I can imagine, which is to look for Ramona. I didn't know what to do, he had one hand on the door so I couldn't just close it, and he kept trying to get past me and my brother to get into the house. It was scary and confusing.
After about 45 seconds of struggling with the old man, a car pulled up and a young man and a slightly older looking woman got out the car to rush over. They pulled the old man to the car and shut after shoving him in. The younger looking boy yelled something like "sorry" then they drove off.
It's a short story, and it could have just been some confused old man, but you never know.
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