Where's Ginger
I ask this to myself constantly "who am I". I no longer recognize myself outside watching below.. trapped. Who am I? Am I the worthless nothingness all my life I was described? Am I just the girl sexually assaulted by my own brother while my mother turned aside? I've grown around so much hate yet no one can hate me more than myself. I gave myself to any man that'd accept me just for an attempt to feel that love I so desperately needed. Each one hurt me worse than the previous..did I deserve this? To be hurt into my submission what did I do? I can't breathe now all there faces and actions haunt me. I thought I could fight it on my own that'd I'd be ok...I can't. My world distorts to darkness faces that parlize me with fear. I can't stop crying staying awake to keep them at Bay. Even though I've left them behind they never seem to go away. I cut and claw away the pain everyone thinks I'm just going insane...who am I? Where did that once happy girl go? She says as she ties the knot of the rope because this is the last way she knows how to cope.
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Kamryn miller Wicca_boo
well damn beautiful poetry but i hope ur ok
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