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*email me if you would like a picture of the hangar in my story. Also, please redact any info as to the location or my name. Thank you!

I'm a security officer for a company in Southern California. We actually work alongside the sheriff's department in the cities that we service. As a patrol officer, my job, in this specific company, is, essentially, the same as that of a police officer. Unlike your typical, observe and report security guards, we respond to calls ranging from simple trespassers to burglary, domestic abuse, kidnapping and shots fired. Hence the officer in the title. I have been in a couple of foot and vehicle pursuits. That is just the way we operate which is why we have worked alongside the local sheriff's offices. Now that you all know what we do, let me get to the story. 

I used to work the late beat before being switched to days. When this story happened, I was working from twenty-two hundred to zero six hundred in the morning. I remember driving around the city in my patrol vehicle, listening to our 2 way radio for any calls when I get one in my district. A burglary alarm on the north side of the city, out in the desert. It had to be around 1 in the morning when I was sent to check it out. As soon as I pull into the street leading to the property, I rolled in dark, which just means I shut off all lights. The building used to be an onion packaging factory with hangars on the west side of the property. But now, it was abandoned and we were contracted to watch it. I have been in there alone, many times when I checked it twice a night but never had an experience up until this night. 

Keep in mind, that the property, does not have working lights at all. Anyway, I pull onto the west side of the property, visually inspecting the exterior perimeter when I observed a slightly open door. I key up on my radio, "Lincoln 1 to control." 
Dispatch: Go ahead
Lincoln-1: Be advised, I have an open door on the west side of the hangars. Can you roll an additional unit to my location. 

I stand by my vehicle, smoking a cigarette under the drizzle that is rare for Southern California, I like the rain though. The wind was also blowing pretty hard this night from what I remember. Anyway, about 5 minutes later, my partner arrives who also happens to be my really good friend outside of work. We pull our guns and flashlights and go inside. The first thing you always noticed when entering is the stench of onion. I mean, it was so pungent that you could taste it through your nose. The hangars we were clearing are huge, dark, empty and filled with that rotten smell.

This is were things get creepy. We can hear the light drizzle hit the sheet metal, the wind blowing through whatever cracks they find and it happens. We heard footsteps on the roof of the hangars. I look at my partner and say, "what the fuck? These hangars don't have access to the roof. How the fuck did they get up there?!" He replies, "I don't know.. call it in."

Me: Lincoln 1 to control, be advised we hear foot steps on the roof, we are code 6. 10-23 until further. (Which pretty much means, we are out on investigation,  standby until further notice.)

Dispatch acknowledges and we walk through the building,  checking all corners until we get outside. We check the perimeter of the building and just like I thought,  no access to the roof. Plus it's raining who the hell would be up there?

Anyway, we put it off on the wind. We check everything possible and call it code 4 (all good) as we are walking back through the hangars we just cleared, since it's the only way to exit to get back to our vehicles, the creepiest thing happens. Now, I have never been a believer in the paranormal  and I always rolled my eyes when I would watch ghost shows on TV and they would say they would hear whispering but could never make it out. I shit you not, my partner and I hear whispering as if multiple voices were doing it simultaneously and even though we heard it clear as fucking day, I couldn't make it out. My partner and I freeze in our tracks and just stare at each other. We pull our guns again, flashlights shining all over the walls, I call in a code 6 again and we start clearing the property again. We knew what we heard was not normal but we had to treat it as someone possibly being in here that we missed. This, is when all hell breaks lose. Doors start slamming everywhere, footsteps on the roof and whispering can all be heard and then, all of a sudden, it stops. My partner and I just stare at each other, and without saying a word we just walk outside with our guns in hand. I can't say we were scared but definitely shocked and amazed. I call in a secondary code 4, stand outside with my partner and I look at him and say, "we'll just blame it on the wind" he looks at me and nods. That was the last night I ever went to that place before my promotion to corporal and switched to day shifts. 

I still don't believe in many ghost stories that are shared. But you can rest assured that even I don't believe it was the wind that night. There's just no way in hell. Thank you. 

(I will send you more stories if you're interested! I got plenty from work, home from crazy calls to paranormal.)
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