I live in kansas and I have noticed few people report the stories from here. So I'm going to talk about a legend that I have been told my hole life and had happened to me recently.

Well the legand states if you can hear your name in the wind, or when the coyotes howl in the night then something is looking for you.....I have live here my hole life and have been told these over the years. Starting back when I was young about 10 years old I would go camping. My uncles loved to came and go super primitive but we never went with out a fire arm.

Now I know why. Skip to now years after that first time he told the story. I went camping last week on the 27 of April. I went alone to a state park here in kansas and was only going to be out for one night and there are no firearms aloud so I didnt bring one.

Well the day went fine cold water so the fishing was all but dead and a run a trout line hoping for better luck over night. Well around 10:30 I decided to let the fire go and crawl into my tent and all seemed fine....jump to 3:33am the tail end of the beleave witching hour I wake up theres no sound at all beside the wind and the temperature had dropped low enough to see your breath....

I'm of north Germanic descent so cold dosnt bug me to much. But this was different almost like the cold was inside me and I was about to sit up and check the fire and grab a drink. Then I noticed the silence and stoped still laying on the ground.

Then the sound of wind came and on it my name a whisper. But not like a person or mechanical recording. More like white noise on a radio or TV.

And then the footsteps. My only thought was why, Why now, why here. As I was stealing my self to stand and face what ever was out side I felt these unnatural calm wash over me and I heard my name again what ever was out there was looking for me so I staid still and quiet. Sometime later I was able to wake up again remembering that I checked the time it was now 5 am and the wind was now more like a gentle breeze.

I wish I could tell you what was out there but I can tell you this much. If i had seen it i wouldnt be here now. Next time your out camping remeber it's always someone's day maybe it will be yours.
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