This happened in my hometown in Maine, in this town, there are a bunch of bike paths that lead through a huge forest just along the outskirts of town, the edge of the woods is about a five-minute car ride and about a ten-minute bike ride, in this woods is where this horrifying experience happened. I was riding my bike near my friend's house with my friend in the country because I love bike riding through the woods and in the country and the peace and quiet but I haven't been to those woods or to my friend's house since this incident because of how traumatizing this was. My friend and I went back to his house until nine o'clock when I had to be home. I told my friend I was leaving and I left.

It was pretty dark and I was a little scared to ride home alone but I put my earbuds in and starting listening to my favorite music and it calmed me down a bit. I started to ride home and I decided to go through the woods as it was longer and I was enjoying cruising with the summer breeze on my sweaty face and body, I also enjoyed the peace and quiet as in town by where my house is, it is very loud and obnoxious.

I got to the entrance to the trails in the woods and I immediately felt like I was being watched, also I got this other feeling but it was hard to explain, it was kind of like fear and dread at the same time. I was speeding through these paths faster than I should be. I took a sharp turn and my tire hit a patch of small rocks and I slid sideways and my front tire hit a tree. My knee was in severe pain and I had major road rash. I laid there for a minute until the pain eased up. When I wrecked I had my phone in my right pocket, which is the way I slid, and my phone flew out and my earbuds got ripped out of my ears.

I got up and started looking for my phone but something made me stop in sudden fear. I started hearing leaves crunching lightly as soon as I picked up my phone. I looked up and saw a face not 2 inches from mine and it was breathing heavy. I backed away slowly and got a better view of the creature: a gray face that looked human-like but the nose and mouth and the ears were very distorted. the creature was about four or five foot tall and I'm fifteen and about five-foot-three. this creature stopped breathing and gave me a crooked razor-sharp toothed smile. and turned around, the creature took off with inhuman speed and I stood there in disbelief.

I got on my bike and rode off. I was going extremely fast despite my hurt knee and I ducked under trees and dodged every tree limb like a pro. I got to the exit of the woods and looked back and saw that god-forsaken creature halfway up a tree staring at me with glowing orange eyes, and that same crooked smile. I went even faster and didn't stop pedaling until I arrived at my house. My mom cleaned up my scrapes and took me to the doctor because of my knee. I ended up dislocating my knee and I was very proud of myself for striving through and doing what I did.

I have never told anyone this story. The only people who know about it are me and now you. Thank you guys for reading/listening and if you guys have any info on what this creature was. contact me by my email." rel="nofollow"> Thank you guys so much and thank you to darkness prevails for the motivation to write this story. I love your videos because the monster ones are relatable, so keep doing what your doing, again thank you.

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