A couple of years back, my brother was graduating from boot camp in South Carolina. Now, this story isn't about South Carolina, but the trip there. Driving from Utah to the other side of the country is not fun. The first step in that trip is driving through Colorado.

As I was saying, my oldest brother was graduating from boot camp. My mother thought it was so important to sight-see instead of just taking a flight, so we decided to pack up and hop into our rust-bucket of a car. Generally speaking, I don't hate my family, and I enjoy spending time with them, but this was NOT fun. All 4 of us cooped up into one car for more than a day was agonizing.

Whilst writing in my journal, I just happened to look to my left. The car window was a bit foggy and it was cold outside. Traffic was building up because of what I believed to be road work. Even though it was the dead of night, cones and bits of the road were scattered all over and it was a one lane road.
Looking to my left, I saw something a bit unnerving. I had no idea what it was at first, but as soon as my vision focused, I nearly jumped out of my seat.
A literal deer. Not just any deer, it was severed in half.

Now, this part's a bit graphic: it could have been a clean cut if it's organs, weren't spilling out of its body onto the road.
My first thought was "What the hell" and then came the questions.
What the hell could have done that? The road had traffic and as far as I knew it had been that way for days. No car could have been going fast enough to mangle an animal like that.

I don't know much about hunting, but I don't think they leave the front halves of animals sitting on the side of the road for all to behold.

That scene occupied my mind for another half hour or so of the slow drive.

But, once again. Laying on the side of the road was a mangled raccoon or something. Hard to tell in the dead of night, and when it's so very discolored. This one seemed like a chewed up piece of gum, not like the other. I found this oddly more disturbing than the other sight. Something felt off this time.
Everyone in the car had been quiet since the sight of the half-deer. Now my youngest brother was mumbling something to himself that I couldn't hear from the seat in front of him.

After a minute of him mumbling, I asked him "Will you be quiet please?"

He looked at me for a solid 30 seconds, then pulled my hair.

I recall him saying something like, "Look at the trees, Lily! They're moving weird."

Oddly enough, they were. They were swaying side to side and shifting in the darkness despite there being no wind whatsoever. At this point, the traffic had slowed to a full stop.

Then, as I looked closer, I felt my heart skip more than a few beats. It wasn't a tree.

Something, an animal or such, was creeping around the treeline, pacing around, it was... standing up and down. I heard about deers being able to stand as a warning sign, but this looked different. It was too big to be a human or deer, and it was moving in such a way I couldn't figure out what is was.

I could make out antlers, a snout and long legs and arms, but not much else.

I'd love to say there's some big climax to this story, where it pulls out the other half of the deer or something, or comes out of the treeline and shakes the car. But there isn't. It just keeping pacing around and figeting.

I only ever told one person about this, and they told me I was seeing things. Maybe I was, but I like to think I have a story to tell, about whatever that thing in Colorado was.
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