We decided to set up camp for the night in an open clearing next to a small stream. It was beautiful! I never wanted to leave.  But as soon as night came, The forest that was once beautiful, and mesmerizing became sinister, and had a demonic feeling to it, but being the teenagers we were  my boyfriend and I decided to go on a midnight walk through the woods.

This was about 2:30am, we both grabbed a flashlight, I brought my dog Moose ( A large 110lb Malamute ) with us.  It was a warm night, and the moon was only half visible through the thick black clouds. The trail we decided to go down was thick with brush and trees pressed in on us from all sides. Feeling a little scared Ash and I tried to lighten the mood by making jokes about the paranormal, and jokes about the weird shadows that the moon was making as it tried to push through the clouds. It was just a few miles in when Moose started to growl and snap at something that as far as we could tell, wasn't there.

I found this very strange as Moose was usually very happy and a very gentle dog,never in my life had I heard Moose growl so violently. We trudged on anyway as we figured as moose was a city dog, he wasn't used to the woods, and was probably just smelling a fox or coyote. A few more minutes in we noticed that the once noisy with nightlife forest began to grow eerily quiet, and then completely silent, except for the sound of Moose growling and whimpering.

Moose had grown more anxious and scared than ever now,

So much so I slipped his collar and leash over him. Although  I soon realized there was no need for that. He was pushed so hard up against my leg, I almost fell over, his hackles were raised, and moose looked larger and scarier than i've ever seen him before.

Me not being totally dumb, took this as a sign of needing to turn back, I reached my hand over Moose and tried to calm him down, I quietly in an almost non existent whisper, whispered to Moose “ Its okay buddy, come on Moose” I got back up to my feet I and grabbed Ash by the arm and were about to turn back when at that same moment we heard a twig snap in the direction of the on going darkness in front of us. Then we both were hit by the most, and absolutely disgusting smell I have ever smelled. It smelled of Rotting flesh, and sulfur.

Moose never ceased growling, and started to whimper and pull at the leash in the direction opposite of whatever this was happening, but we were too scared to move.

A few seconds later, I noticed movement in the darkness, and did something absolutlely stupid; I shined the flashlight into brush, and I immediatly regreated it. In the light showed two  glowing never blinking yellow eyes; the eyes were about 9 to 10 feet off the ground, its head looked to be the head of a decaying deer, its body was pale and you could see its ribs, and its arms were long and lengthy and its hands had wicked looking claws about 4 and a half inches long. We stood there terrified, as this thing looked back at us, and then it started to speak, in a demonic version of my voice “ Its okay buddy, Come on Moose.” What the heck was happening? This thing mimicked my voice. I took that as my que to leave, and now! I broke the trance and grabbed Ash by the arm, and took off in the direction of Ash’s truck. As we ran, I looked back.

Big mistake; This thing was no more than 10 paces behind us and gaining speed. My adrenaline kicked in and pushed us faster to the truck. We reached the truck, turned it on and hit the gas.

We were just starting to really pick up speed when we heard a crash in the back, as well as serious clawing in the back of our pickup.

I looked back and saw Moose at the window growling at the thing teeth bared and clawing out the back window to get out, and attack that thing. I was half tempted to oblige him in doing so; but I didn't want to risk my dog’s life.  Ash after all night of not saying a word, finally screamed at me to get the gun out from underneath the backseat. I did, and We tore out of the woods, faster than when we came in. As we hit the treeline exiting the forest that thing jumped out of the back of the truck and ,we heard a terrifying blood curdling scream that chilled my blood. It sounded eerily of Ash.

We spent the night in a hotel. Me and ash barely spoke to each other that night, just gave each other weary, worried looks. Moose sleeping on my bed, growled at everything that moved. We decided to go get our things back from the campsite, or well... what was left of it. The tent was shredded to pieces, the cooler was dumped over, and completely beyond use. We grabbed the last things that were salvageable and threw the rest away, and we decided to cancel the Hunting trip and go home early. We haven't ever really told anybody this story. It will always haunt me, at night, when I go to sleep I still see those eyes,hear that scream, and sometimes, I’ll see him, standing there, and with Ash’s voice he’ll say “ I will find you” This has become a nightly occurrence, and no amount of pills or therapy can help it.  

I have never been hunting, or camping again. Nor will I ever go again.  I'm 26 now, and am a sophomore in college. Ash and me are still together, and Moose has gone on the next part of the Journey of life. Thank you for listening to my story.

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