I used to travel alot but thanks to the current global crisis i sadly cant. After going through a few of my travel scrapbooks i was reminded of a story a old man in germany told me. I dont know if this story is  true but looking at the mythical history of the black forest i am actualy leaning towards  true. I'll be telling his story from the perspective from the old man.

I walked into the bar of the hotel i was staying at after a long day hard work ordering a beer for me and my collegue. After a few hours my collegue went to bed i stayed to get a few more beers in. A old man walked in and the bartender told me "this old man comes here every night and tells the craziest war stories". The old man walked up to the bar and i noticed then it was just me and the old man left in the bar with the bartender. The old man ordered a beer like me and started talking to me. "i was in the war and even then things werent as crazy as now". I looked at the old man asking him "you were in the war" after which he said "yes  and i'm staying in this hotel today as well". The old man and i started talking and then we got to a story about his war time. "well i was a part of a high elite resistance unit and something weird happened once that i believe will finaly catch up with me tonight". I asked him to tell the story and this is what he said.

Well young man i will tell you this might be hard to believe but trust me this still is going on to this night. My higher-ups told me that there was a nazi camp in the black forest and that my unit had to intercept and kill them. We walked to the black forest in full attire so we had all our ammo, food and things like that to survive the whole mission. After 4 days of staking out the area we finaly found the camp of the nazi's. We staked out the walking guards and took down a few of them. As we turned our strategy more agrressive its where we went wrong as a unit. We started shooting and killing nazi's but it didnt come without a cost. After all the shooting we all started to see that gügenheimer was shot and we started to leave the nazi camp. Ofcourse we raided the camp for ammo and food as well. Gügenheimer was bleeding pretty bad for those days so we had to get him back to the base within a 2 days tops. The first day we kept walking carrying gügenheimer for that entire day and decided that we needed to set up camp to get some rest that night. I decided to be the 3rd in order for the nightwatch. Nothing much happened besides the boar i killed and stripped as food for the following night. Gügenheimer was getting worse by the second and the rest of the unit started praying saying "anyone that can hear us save our friend please" and my god did i wish that we were more accurate with who we were praying to. We walked to the base again but alot of nazi forces were around us so we had to take another route which would cause us another day to get to base. We set up camp eating the boar i killed the day earlier but gügenheimer was getting so worse we started thinking that we werent gonna be able to save our friend. As a 8 people unit losing a soldier was pretty hard to get our heads arounds since we were a pretty close unit. 

I had the 3rd guard duty again and when it was my turn i checked the whole area. After about 30 minutes i needed to go really hard so i walked behind a tree and relieved myself. As i pulled up my pants and started to get myself perfect again i started to say a prayer. "to anyone out there please help my friend gügenheimer to survive his terrible injuries, amen". I was a little lightheaded getting up and was gaining myself while starting to walk back to the rest of the unit. I then noticed a mass hanging over gügenheimer and i started walking towardst it. Getting my riffle ready to fire to slowly walked to the figure saying "get away or i will kill you". 

It was then i saw the old man actualy shedding a tear and wanted to ask for another beer. I told the bartender to put that beer on my tab and the old man thanked me and continued. 

As i walked up to the figure hanging over gügenheimer it seemed to ignore me. All it did was flinging his hands over the body of gügenheimer and then it seemed that it started to notice me. As i walked up to it with my gun ready to fire it started to get up and said "your friend is saved". It stood at least 2 meters tall and turned its head to mine. "I will collect what is mine for this prayer for this man" and as i saw red eyes staring into mine i was starting to tremble. It then turned around and slowly started walking into the woods. I checked on gügenheimer but couldnt see anything weird and then started looking around for the creature. It was no where to be found but then i was startled by wilhlker putting his hand on my shoulder. He just nodded and said "guten nacht". I went to bed that night just thinking about that creature. As the next day came gügenheimer was actualy starting it to improve. We finaly arrived at the base 3 days after gügenheimer got shot and the doctor asked us why we sent gügenheimer to him. Our mouth hit the floor from that reaction from the doctor when he said that gügenheimer could be operational within a week was a huge surprise to our unit. 

A few days later and we were given another missionin the black forest. Gügenheimer was fully healed and ready to go as was i and the rest of the unit. We were supposed to check the black forest for another camp but were only supposed to be a recon mission. As we walked through the black forest we all noticed gügenheimer was acting different from what we were used to. After 3 days of recon we once again went set up camp. Gügenheimer was acting more and more weirder, almost more violent, throughout those days. We once again setup the night watch schedule and i was first. A few hours in i just couldnt hold it any longer and went number 2 in the forest. After i finished i saw gügenheimer stalking around asking him "hè friend what are you doing". He didnt react so i walked to him. I saw him cutting the throat of wullhelmer just smiling. He then rushed me with the knife waking muller who just grabbed gügenheimer and knocked him out. It was then that we found out that he had killed all but muller, gurheimler and me so we tied up gügenheimer. After we tied him up though i saw then that same creature a few meters away from where i was standing and told the other guys to look at it. Strangely they couldnt see him but then i couldnt see it anymore again. We went to the the camp turned in gügenheimer and our unit disbanded. Ofcourse we kept in contact. Gügenheimer strangely died from the wounds he had suffered from the earlier black forest nazi camp mission, which all of us thought weird. Muller was found with his throat slit and gurheimler was found dead with a huge handprint on his throat that looked like a burn. 

The old man took another sip of his beer and said "i fear i am the last one of our unit and i fear my payment for that prayer is due". As the old man drank the last drops out of the beer glass he just said "young man i fear this night my be my last but i heared you wanted to go the black forest". The old man put the glass on the table and continued saying "be carefull to who you pray to and be specific because you might just end like my unit". He then walked to the opening that seperated the bar and the hotel area's, smiled and said "have a good life young man".

The next day i was woken by a scream to which i walked straight to to only see the old man lying dead in the bed with a smile on his face but then i noticed a huge dark red hand like print on his throat. I've always heared stories about the black forest in germany and it many mythical and paranormal encounters and i seriously believe that whatever caused the death of that old man wasnt natural but the creature he mentioned in his stories so if i might suggest anything to people going into the black forest in germany  it would be this. Be carefull to who you pray to in that forest because you might just end up like that old man or worse.
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