This all happened 5 years ago. Back then, I was the type of person who wouldn’t believe until you see it. And now, I might as well just believe...

  I’ve heard of all monster and ghost stories in my life. I found them very thrilling. So thrilling, that when I had the chance, I would daydream about me in a situation when I would be hunted down by some unknown creatures. I would have to find a way to stop it.

  My friend, who I will call Larry was also interested in the paranormal. Me and him would sit around my laptop looking up creepy stories and paranormal creatures. The stories we found grabbed our attention. We would make comments about what we would do if we were in that person’s shoes.

  So I was at my friend’s house that day. It was almost the evening, and a few cars were driving by, since he lived in a remote area. There was a tree line not to far away from his backyard. Me and him would go on walks there. Take in the sights and atmosphere of the woods. But little did I know that I would never look at the woods like I used to.

  It was finally nighttime, Larry was at the sofa watching television. I was on my phone watching some of my favorite videos on YouTube. I was getting tired, so I got up and told Larry that I was going to bed. I have decided to sleep to his house. Larry said okay and I left to walk up the stairs and to one of the rooms he said I could use.

  Since the bed was very close to the window I could see the awesome night sky. The moon and stars were like the only ones glowing brightly than the dark silhouettes of the tall trees. My eyes grew heavy, beckoning me to at least close my eyes and fall into a deep slumber. And so I did.

  I woke up some time later. It was still dusk. I just couldn’t sleep anymore I didn’t know why I couldn’t. Whenever I close my eyes they would just fly open again, as if refusing to make me sleep.

  Finally giving in at the fact that couldn’t sleep again, I sat up. Now I didn’t know if Larry was sleeping, or watching television. He was infamous for watching tv from dusk till dawn!

  The first I did was to look out the window. Still the moon and stars. I saw the woods not to far away. There were lots of deer around here mind you, and most of them wander too close to Larry’s backyard. And tonight was the night that there was a deer there.

  It was sniffing around the grass. Larry had a tall gate that surrounded his backyard, I guess for not letting anything in? Anyways, I was staring at this deer for a long time now. That is...until it stopped looking at the grass. It’s ears perked up, and it was looking at the tree line. I follow its gaze.

  The woods were as dark as ever. Couldn’t see anything except the tall dark shapes of the trees. What was this animal looking at? I guessed it was a predator. The deer stood still and silently. It was like the whole area was put under a time stop spell.

  I grew worried. I didn’t know what this deer was looking at. I had a burning sensation that it was not good.

  Then the deer dashed away in fright.

  Then something came dashing out from the tree line. It was some type of animal that I have never seen before.

  It was all black. So all I saw was just a giant black mass charge from out from the trees. It had pointed ears. A long snout that showed dirty teeth were seen. The eyes reflected a bright yellow with small pupils. It was on all fours, so my first thought was that it was a wolf. But nobody had told me that wolves existed in this part. And it was far too large.

  I watched it walk slowly, it’s heavy footsteps pounding the ground. It looked left and right all the while smelling the air. Probably food.

  Probably looking for me.

  I ducked down and covered myself like a scared child who’d just seen a terrifying monster emerge from out of a closet. I didn’t move. I didn’t cry. I didn’t speak. I just laid there, praying to God that this creature or whatever it was didn’t find it’s way in the house. If it did, me and Larry would be screwed.

  I woke up again. I knew i slept again, because now the sun was up. I was so thankful that it was dawn once again. I jumped off the bed and walked into the hallway only to hear Larry calling my name from the back door that led to the backyard.

  I was met by a confused and scared look on Larry’s face as he pointed and looked down at something in the grass. “What kind of animal makes tracks this HUGE!?” He asked.

  My heart sank.

  These paw prints were in the place where that wolf creature thing was standing the night before. I had to steady my breath so Larry wouldn’t notice. Then my friend turned in my direction looking at something else.

  “And what kind of animal makes claw marks that deep and LONG!?” He yelled as he motioned for me to look where he was facing.

  Then my jaw dropped.

  There were lots of deep claw marks on the back door. This only leaves me to this one conclusion...

  The wolf monster did try to get inside.
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