In the summer of 1986 I was 7 years old. My Mom was a single parent and while working full time, we were low income. One afternoon my Mom told me that we would be moving into a new apartment complex. I was excited because up until now we had been living in a small studio apartment. This would mean I would finally have a room of my own. As I said, times were hard back then.

This apartment was a large two bedroom. When we arrived to look, we had to walk to the back of the complex. The apartment was the furthest in the back. It had a neighbor above and one across from us. The large patio area had a yard that backed up into the park, with a small fence dividing it. As much as I was excited, when we started walking through the apartment, I had a very strange feeling of sadness and dread. I was a polite kid but at 7 years old I wanted my Mom's attention. As she was talking to the manager about the unit, she told me to go look at the rooms. In other words , go play Mom's busy.

I felt uneasy, even as a small child I can recall how I felt. I ran into the bathroom of this apartment. The lights on I looked in the mirror and grinned. The next thing I know the bathroom door shut behind me and the bathroom light went off. Now I was a tiny, short girl. I remember I had to kind of jump to flick the light on so I know I didn't turn it off. As I grabbed the bathroom door handle, the door was locked. I remember having a heavy, weird feeling. I started to cry and couldn't get the door open. I kicked it and banged hard. I guess my Mom heard me because the next thing I remember is the apartment manager telling me to turn the little lock and it will open. I was crying at this point and suddenly the light came on and I pulled hard on the door and it was open.

I ran to my Mother crying and feeling so scared. At the time we thought it was my fault. Maybe just hit the light and bumped the lock in my excitement. You know how kids are.
That next week we moved in. I still felt that dreadful feeling Almost like an oppression. I was a really happy kid but felt sad in that apartment. The first year there wasn't terrible just felt uneasy.

While I had my own room, I often asked my Mom if I could sleep with her and she was okay with that. Then one morning my Mom woke up to find me laying on a kitchen chair in the hallway. I had a grand-mal seizure. I don't know if this is related to the haunting but never before and never after have I ever had any other epilepsy issues.
I recovered from it quickly and as the years went on things started getting weird. The feeling in the apartment was heavy. On the more sunny days the apartment was dark no matter how many window shades were open.

One afternoon my Mom and I were walking to the office to drop off the rent check. I was nearly 11 years old now. This woman stopped my Mom by the office and asked if we lived in #123?
My Mom said yes and the woman looked at me, then asked my Mom if she noticed anything odd in the apartment and if we were okay?

I found this strange at the time and my Mom later told me that this woman told her she used to live in that apartment but moved to another unit near the front as she had another child and needed a bigger place. The woman didn't say much about the apartment itself other than for us to be safe.

My Mom asked me one night if I was in the kitchen at around 2 am. I told her no and I've never been the kind of kid to lie or sneak into the kitchen for late night cookies. I just wasn't that way. She often would tell me she would hear the cabinets in the kitchen bounce at night like someone was opening them then letting them go so they made that bouncing noise.

One night I was so scared to go to the bathroom that I woke my Mom up and asked her to stand at the door while I went. She didn't get angry or object but walked me to the bathroom. I asked if I could lay with her in her room and she said yes. Years later she told me after I had went to bed, she went into the kitchen and seen the kitchen cabinet bounce as if someone opened it and let it close.

Now my Mom is of very sound mind. No mental issues and to this day is sharp as a tack. I was raised Catholic. My Mom told me one night she saw the Virgin Mary in the kitchen and felt peace where prior she felt uneasy. I don't know how she saw her or what it was about. Only that to this day she still mentions it from time to time and she is in her 70s.

As the months went on I started to fall into a depression. My grades at school slipped and I felt sad all the time. As the teen years came closer Mom thought it was just teen hormones making their way in but it was something more. I always felt sad and depressed. I felt scared and nervous all the time and then I became angry. I would have outbursts and turned into a mean kid. I would skip school, fight and scream.

One night I grabbed my Mother by the neck and told her I would kill her. Something was very wrong.
The apartment was still so dark all the time. In August of 1991 I had come into the apartment from being outside skateboarding. I had to use the bathroom and get a drink. My Mom was at a neighbors and we were having a cookout that night.

It was around 6 p.m. and still daylight. The sun shined bright outside but in the apartment it was dark. I remember unlocking and opening the door. I felt the hairs on my arms and neck stand on edge. I grabbed some water from the kitchen first and then made my way down the hallway to the bathroom. I stopped at the midway point of the hall. In my mind I remember saying to myself that there is a man in the apartment. I felt panic in my head but I had to go to the bathroom so badly. I actually remember this. I told myself there is a man in here and he's dangerous. As I made my way down the hall, something happened to me that to this day I've never found an answer for.

The apartment was quiet. No TV no radio, nothing on. I started to hear this extremely loud noise as if someone would hear if you had a TV up very loud and kept hitting the mute button on and off. I heard people talking then it would stop. It was so fast I couldn't make out what was said and it was so loud just on and off sounds that I held my hands to my ears. I ran out of the apartment leaving the door open. I went to where my Mom was at and told her there was a man in the apartment.

My neighbor and her husband ran over with my Mom to the apartment. Expecting to see some stranger who had broken in. There was nothing. No man, no noise and nothing was stolen.

I cried and cried because I was so scared. I didn't want to live there anymore. The weeks that followed in that apartment were pure hell. The cabinet doors banged late at night. Mom and I slept in the living room on the floor because of the noise and feeling so scared. Finally, after two months of this we were able to transfer to a different apartment within the complex. A nicer place near the front of the building.

A few weeks after our move I felt like a new person. I was no longer depressed or sad. I wasn't angry or having violent outbursts. I slept in my own room and never once felt fear. A month later a new lady and her two kids moved into that apartment. Shortly after her boyfriend moved in. The kids were happy but over time we saw them less and less outside. The boyfriend was a friendly guy but then he started to not wave or say hello and neither did the woman. When I was 14 we moved out of that apartment complex and moved to another city into our own house. Our one neighbor we had the cookouts with, always kept in touch with us. She called one day to ask us if we heard what happened in our old apartment?

No we hadn't. She said the woman's boyfriend went crazy one night and stabbed his girlfriend. He didn't kill her but wounded her badly and the kids ran out of the apartment unharmed. As time went on his trial came up in the paper and he was quoted as saying he "Just felt depressed and went crazy"

I've since grown up and moved out of state. I've never been back to that apartment complex and don't think I would want to. It's still there but is now a high end rental in a well known tech city. I am a happy adult with no mental health issues or depression. I truly believe whatever was in that apartment was evil.
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