I heard a story from you about a monster in the Adirondacks, I was hoping someone had the same experience but what I heard was nothing like what happened to me but it was nothing close. This takes place in a small town with a man made pond (I won't say the name but some can guess) my cousin, brother and I went for a walk like we normally do around the pond we all ways go out at around 8pm.

We did our normal loop but I got both of them to go down the less bright road. I grew up here so we knew the area and all the people down the road around twenty of them.

So we were walking down the road (what I mean by not as well lit was the lamps were spaced farther apart) and we hit our first dark space were the lamps didn't lit up around maybe two yards and my cousin decided to yell "Oh no!" like something happened and I turned to see him throwing a rock like a Idiot I knew it was him trying to scare me ( I get scared easily) "I just saw you throw that" he looked at me smiled and called me a dumb A**.We walked on and we were getting close to a part of the road with crappy signal and here was sadly better lit up then the other road the sound of the river and our stupid jokes and conversations was amazing but for the first time in the past twenty minutes I felt like we were being watched I looked around and it was quiet except us and the river I looked on our side of the river and then to the other, that when I first saw it was just looking at us emotionless.

I just pushed it off because I was probably just paranoid. We kept walk until we got to the more populated area near a road that leads to the highway.

We stopped to sit and talk my phone said it was 9pm we had been walking for an hour and my service was back so I sent a text to my grandmother that we would most likely be back around 10 or 10:30pm if we decided to stop at a small pond on the way back. we started walking back around 9:10pm and we walked a bit slower because to us ten minutes wasn't enough rest from a three mile walk not to long into the walk I saw it again but it was in the water near our side of the river we kept walking I was now scared beyond thought. I heard something move out of the water, only now I decided to tell my brother and cousin "guys someone is following us or I think its a person" they looked and laughed "sure, why would we believe that?" my cousin said in a mocking tone my brother just giggled.

We kept walking and I kept looking behind me every few moments I saw it every few minutes leaning around a tree to peer at us. It got closer every single time near the end of dead signal zone it growled "what was that?" my cousin was now concerned a nice quiet walk to him but I knew it could only be one thing. That god damn thing, We ran until we made it to a area where houses were closer together and stopped to catch our breath.

I hadn't noticed until I caught my breath, I was crying. My brother was fine but shaken up.

My cousin was bleeding he told us it was because he fell. Once we got back to the town we sat on the beach looking at the entrance of the road nothing came out and no one went in. about a month after this experience we found bloody marks on the rail guard of a small bridge down my road, there were hand prints in it. (Only for darkness prevails, I have two pictures of the guard rail email me if you would like them).
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Darkness Prevails
Thanks so much for the story! Remember to add paragraphs next time!
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