I'm almost 15, and will turn 15 in a little more than a week. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, weigh about 173 lbs despite looking very skinny, and I'm a little more than 5 feet tall. Anyway, being the only girl out of 5 kids can get very lonely or just downright irritating. About a month ago, I went to Florida with my family. It was pretty fun down there despite not having WiFi at my dead grandpa's house, which was sold the other day. One day when we were down there, we rented a pontoon for the day to go swimming and have fun. While we are waiting for the rental to be finalized, I took off my shorts and t-shirt since I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes. A few minutes later, my skin started turning pink due to sun exposure. I hate garlic, the sun, and I'd sleep all day if my routine would allow it, then be up all night. My mom says my skin did that because I hardly ever go outside when it's sunny. I may not be repelled by religious items or symbols since that's a myth. I don't sparkle in the sun, if you believe that vampires sparkle in the sun, you're a pussy. My only conclusion is that I'm a vampire. I do drink blood, but that's only when I get hurt, and it's always just a few drops. To those who think I'm joking, I'm not.
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