I'm a long haul truck driver so I'm no stranger to the states and I've seen things that I can't explain but this is by far the weirdest thing to ever happen to me. 

So I was driving through Arizona heading west bound on i40 I had finally hit flagstaff and go out at a truck stop and handled my business. 

As I left from flagstaff I ran by mile marker 185. It's about 10 miles from flagstaff Arizona.  As I passed mile marker 185 there was what seemed to be a person hitchhiking the only problem was this guy was huge like 8 feet tall looking straight into the passenger window of my semi truck. On top of that it seemed to be as wide as the truck from shoulder to shoulder. I passed the hitchhiker at 70 miles per hour. Or so I thought about half a mile down the road I saw the same exact person or thing. Once again I passed it, but once again. This kept happening even 20 miles down the road to mile marker 165. I saw it every few miles. After I passed mile marker 165 I didn't see it anymore so I thought I was done with it. But I was dead wrong.

I got down to mile marker 145 and had to take a leak so I pulled over on the side of the road to handle my business. I was about halfway done when I heard an earpercing scream mix between what sounded like a deer and a human. As soon as I heard it I started looking around and just outside the halo of my headlights I saw it. I was never more confused and scared in my life. I tried to figure out what it was when I heard something flying through the air. Suddenly I heard a thump thump and sitting 3 feet away from me was a huge rock the size of a basketball it had to have been at least 80 pounds. That thing threw it at me and it landed 3 feet away.

I wasted no time trying to hop back in the truck and get away from whatever that thing was. As i passed it, it just stared me down and I never saw it again. Can someone please tell me what I saw?
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