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My name is Sean I'm a high school senior this happens at night one night I was camping with some of my friends it was a full moon we were huddled around a campfire jokeing around with each other when I heard a loud growl one of my friends saw me looking around what's wrong one of em asked shh I reply you hear that another growl sounded we all jumped up looking in all directions out of fear I grab my machete witch I always carry when I'm outside I stood up and faced the direction of the growl the creature then stands up on it's hind legs it had to have been at least ten feet tall it locked it's eyes with mine it then leaped tords my acting on instinct I quickly dodge it and I cut it along the side it lets out a loud Yelp then it runs back into the woods but not before looking back at me once it left me and my friends head back to our homes as I walk up my steps my girlfriend grabbed my arm and asked if I was ok I reply yes I'm I'm fine she replys with ok that was brave you back there I just wanted to protect you I reply thank you she replys I walk here home and then I head home today I still encounter it but it knows I'm not afraid of it take my advice never go camping at night alone
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