It was a rainy Friday night. My friend Maddi was over to stay the night in our tent that was placed in the backyard. Once we had got all our stuff in we started to eat since it was coming up 10pm.

It was around 12 am I was ready out facts about werewolves since Werewolves are my favourite supernatural but that’s when we heard snarling. I froze I had that very uneasy feeling that this something was what I thought it was a werewolf.

“I hope it’s not what I think it is” said Maddi I slowly nodded I was about to continue but that’s when we heard the scariest, biggest ear piercing howl which made me jump out of my sleeping bag. Maddi was now full out crying I kept telling her that this werewolf won’t hurt us.

It was maybe an hour later and the tent kept on being pushed around and scratching against the tent. I decided to have a look but I couldn’t believe what I saw not one werewolf but... two they both snapped their heads around towards me having there sickening amber eyes burning holes through my skin.

It was morning I didn’t remember what happened last night after they looked at me. Me and Maddi decided to have a look around we saw scratch marks and five mangled birds. I put my hand over my mouth me and Maddi ran to the door. We didn’t bother telling my parents because they wouldn’t believe me but this only happened last night and I’m still very petrified. If you ever encounter one just make sure your not their next meal.
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