My brother and I went on a fishing trip to Monroe lake in Indiana . We have been there hundreds of time and been all over the place . We left on a Friday morning and got there Friday late afternoon.

we brought a johnboat and some basic essentials like a tent, my gun ( just a small .38 special revolver),his gun ( 22 lever action rifle )and some firewood .

We didn’t bring much food because we thought we would just eat fish and some small game if needed . Loaded everything into the boat and went off started getting dark and the only light we had was the ones on the boat and a small flashlight. After being on the water for about an hour we found a small cove really perfect for us because it was out in the middle of nowhere so we could do anything we wanted really .

We unloaded the boat and set up camp my brother got a fire going and I started fishing because I was hungry . After a few minutes I realized their was no sound at all from any direction not even crickets, and I wasn’t getting any bites what so ever on my fishing rig so I gave up and started walking back to the camp we set up about 20 yards from the boat . When I got back to my brother I asked him if he noticed the lack of nature sounds and he replied “ no didn’t pay much attention ” and then we heard it a loud howl that sounded like it was about a mile away it out chills down my spine and my brother instantly started shaking .

Then I was like “what the hell are we doing we are both grown men ( we were both 19 & 18 ) that was most likely a coyote!?”  He agreed with a nod and we both decided to lay down In the tent and call it night but I got my gun out just to be safe because that was really close .

The next morning we woke up and got the day started and thought we would go and see if we could find the foot print or scat trail from the coyote we heard last night , so we venture about 500 yards into the woods and from our camp when we came up on a small coyote dead and ripped to shreds about 2 feet off the trail . My brother was most interest on what could do this and I was more interested on going back to camp .

We got back to camp and I went for my phone to text my dad and ask what big predators could take a coyote and do we have them in Indiana ? Dad replied with no such predator in Indiana is in Indiana maybe a cougar but unlikely. so I figure it may have been a bigger coyote fighting for territory.

We decided to only stay one more night we both didn’t want to find a bigger coyote .

We went out on the boat for a while to go fishing because we had no luck in that cove , we went to this rock face that we called out crappie honey hole because we always caught crappie there.

We started catching fishing and didn’t stop until the sun started to set, we both were hungry and so we called and good day and started back to camp this little boat didn’t go fast but it was better than a canoe or kayak by the time we got back to camp it was dark and very quite again we slid the boat on the bank and started out was to the fire pit to cook our catch of the day to only notice that our camp looked like war zone everything tore up and thrown around almost like someone was looking for  something or someone we both grabbed our guns and took off the safety looked at each other with the same look “ time to go look" we didn’t even grab anything just us and as we started making our way to the boat we heard a deep gurgling growl out in the distance .

As we get to the boat my brother grabs the flashing light and point it towards camp to and like that we both stop with fear all over our bodies the light revealed to big yellow eyes about 5 feet off the grown we both were shaking and started backing up my brother jump in the boat and started the motor I then follow but didn’t want to take my eyes off what ever this thing was as I got in the boat I looked away for less than a second and when I looked back up it was gown , we got about 20 yards out into the water and I use the light again to look for it and then those eyes came out of the darkened again yellow like the sun and piercing is to the core we were scared as we started going further away it came out of the dark and to the edge of the water  and if we didn’t see it we would have believed it it was like a wolf but not a wolf it walked to the water in all fours but then stood up at a staggering 6+ feet tall and then let out this howl that made my brother pee on him self I point the flashlight right at it and it had what looked like I piece of our tent in its hand or paw.

I moved my brother out of the way and put the throttle on high even though the part of the lake we were at was idle zone only we wanted to get as far away as possible. We got back to the boat ramp area and we got the boat loaded on the trailer and we booked it out of there.

we didn’t talk one bit all the way home and never said anything to mom or dad about it even though they probably wondered where the tent and cooler went . I am in my 30’s now and I haven’t been back to Monroe Lake ever since to be honest I scared to and warn anyone who wants to go there not too.
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I've hiked and camped in the wilderness area (Deams Wilderness) that butts up against Monroe. I've heard strange howls and screams when camping area before. 
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Darkness Prevails

@Dannyjo This story is fine, but it is so badly written. When you tell a story but people have a hard time reading/understanding it, then you've ruined the experience, ya know?


Whenever possible, could you edit this story for punctuation (there are no periods for paragraphs at a time)? I've already added paragraphs.


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