So this happened about 3 or four months ago I was 17 at the time and I lived with my dad in the mountains of Colorado so we are used to seeing bears mountain lions and even a wolf here and there, well one night our dogs ran off one baby the smallest and bron the biggest  baby was about 50 pounds and bron was 80 , so naturally we went looking for them it was almost dark and we knew they wouldn't last the night ,I must mention I'm a very good tracker , any how we were about 2 maybe 3 miles into the woods and I mean thick woods you couldn't see 40 feet ,but that was when we heard our dogs ... they were in a fight so we ran in the direction we heard the sound from but the further we ran the fainter they got and that's when we realized we went the wrong way  so we started calling out to them, you could hear our voices for miles bouncing off the mountains we finally were sure where there yelps and barks were coming from and went to it but when we got there we saw something I'll never forget...a werewolf he was black in color and had long claws on his back feet and he was fighting our dogs he had them backed up against a natural wall , he saw us and looked away from the dogs and ran away ,the dogs ran to us ... but it wasn't over yet we still had to get out alive so we started running to the house but my dad has a bad back so he is very slow anyway when we were going back I could hear this creature along side us not more than 60 feet away the dogs keept running out to the woods then we'd hear yelps and barks and they'd come back this continued all the way homw until we locked ourselves inside and grabbed the shotguns and while my dads girlfriend bandaged the dogs wounds we went out to find the beast ... but we never did . My father and I promised each other we'd never speak of that night ...a promise I have broken to bring this story to you all
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