At the time of writing I live in Florida but I experienced this years ago. For privacy purposes I will call myself Ky. I was around 16 years old when it happened. To set the scene I will tell you that I have always been a believer of the supernatural for a long time, even taking time to study monsters and stories of them on the internet, this is due to the fact that my mother is pagan and practices witchcraft (the good kind).

I lived in a small wooded area on a gravel road with only one street light, and even that was halfway up the road from my house. The property was about 1.6 acres in total but that does not include the woods. There were maybe six houses in my area you could not see most of the houses from mine just the next door neighbors.

There is a cabin just up the road about 500 feet from where my house was. We had some family friends that were living there paying rent. Now at this cabin they were having a small party/get together type thing, my two older siblings, my parents, and a few other relatives were up there playing loud music and drinking, my little sister and I were at the house. It was sometime around 7 p.m. it had just gotten dark and my little sister was inside watching a movie, or rather asleep on the couch with a movie on. Now for some forgotten reason I was outside I don't know if I was letting the dog out to use the restroom or if I was just bored and beating things with a stick but I heard something in the woods, it was over near where we usually had our bonfires, it was about a good hundred feet into the woods in a cleared area, and the tree line was another 75 feet, give or take, from where I stood.

I couldn't see that far due to the darkness and the trees but I heard something moving around in there. Now this is not what bothered me I lived there for the entire 16 years of my life, I always heard things out in the woods it was usually either coyote or a Fox but this time it was different it sounded heavier. I knew that there were no bears in the area and the biggest thing out there was going to be a coyote but this was too heavy to be a coyote. I could hear it from the side of my house.

I got a little spooked so I started slowly walking my way towards the front of the house, keeping an eye on the woods and the direction of which the sound of movement was coming from. As I reached the corner at the edge of my house that led to the front yard still keeping an eye on the woods I saw them, two glowing pale discs that resembled eyes, peeking out from the tree line. Now as I mentioned before my mother is pagan and practices witchcraft (the good kind) so it was obvious that she had set up protection spells around the property because the thing could move no further than the tree line.

That's when it started talking and it was the most bone-chilling voice I have ever heard. It was a low raspy harsh sound, like it was being forced. It said "come here Ky, I don't want to hurt you, I just want to talk to you, I want you to come closer". I stood there Frozen in fear. How did it know my name? How the hell did it know my name? Every last instinct was telling me to run into the house I was terrified and I couldn't move. "Come here" it said in a harsher tone I didn't think was possible, " COME HERE! COME HERE! COME HERE!".

Finally I realized it couldn't come past the tree line and I was able to find the strength to move again. I had an idea of what the thing was because I have always loved stories of monsters and as I said I have studied monsters and the like on the internet. I believed it to be a wendigo or a skinwalker. That's when my fear was overtaken by cocky 16 year old confidence and anger and it also happens to be the moment I made a huge mistake.

I picked up a nearby rock about half the size of my fist and yelled at the thing "get the hell out of my woods" and I threw the rock.... I don't know if I hit it or not because of the darkness but immediately after, the thing screeched so loud it shook my eardrums and I nearly wet myself when the rock I had thrown moments before wizzed inches from my head with such force it was lost in the woods on the opposite side of the house.

I ran to the front door and rushed inside where my little sister was rubbing her eyes after waking up. I couldn't let her see the horror on my face, I couldn't let her know of the thing in the woods. I walked quickly to my room where I drew the curtains closed and hid in my bed until my family got home.

After my family was home and settled in I went to my mother and hugged her and thanked her and told her I loved her. She asked me why I thanked her, I simply said "For the protection and the wards on the property". I then told her I didn't want to talk about it.

She only found out about what happened that night just recently when my whole family was home and talking about the supernatural.
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