This is a story of two Wendigo encounters I had right at my house. To explain the first it was about 3 years ago I was home alone because my grandpa and grandma who are the ones who raised me then and are still raising me now but I had walked outside to get my dog Peedee who was chasing a rabbit that he saw in our backyard. As a walked I smelled something that smelled like skunk mixed with deer guts and rotting flesh. As I call out for Peedee I saw two yellow eyes in the big pine tree in my back yard. We live near a small stretch of woods and don’t get many if any. I yelled who’s there and all of a sudden hear someone calling out Peedee but in a voice that sounded like mine but with a deep echo after it. I heard Peedee barking and saw him on the porch. After hearing this think let out a scream that sounded like a mixture between a dog barking and a human screaming I quickly grabbed Peedee and ran inside locking all the doors and windows and grabbing my 10 inch knife given to me by my papaw. I didn’t sleep any that night. This next encounter happened 2018 last Saturday , just to tell you I am writing this on Saturday October 6 , my grandma and grandpa were in Virginia for their church meeting ,by the way I live in Tennessee, I was about to go to the living room to watch Avengers Infinity War but before I could put up the blankets over my windows to keep out the light the next morning and as I looked at the window on the right side of my house I saw the same yellow eyes and the same awful smell but the thing that scared my the most was the eyes were in the middle of the window ,the window that is seven feet of the ground. I turned the lights off and settled in a corner and watched the eyes and I swear it never blinked.
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