This happened when i was 12, im now 15 and decided to submit it. Pretty straight foward story.

I live in north eastern Oklahoma, and I’m part Native American, so Indians before my time lived here years and years ago.

I went on my usual evening walk at about 5:30, which I did every evening. I usually go down my ¼ (quarter of mile) long driveway and onto the road. Today i decided to go down a trail into the woods behind my house. I connected my airpod's and listened to my playlist, i even remember every song on it, though it changes frequently. As I got deeper down the trail, the sun got blocked out more and more. After about 20 minutes it went down, being winter.

I checked my phone later and it was 7:30. I said aloud “five more minutes, this path is one of the best I’ve been on” despite being alone. Sometimes i talk to myself, but never expect replies. For some reason i got one. I heard my mom’s distorted voice call out “Abbie ven a ayudarme.” Spanish for “Abbie come help me.” (as we are Mexican too.) I stopped and panic flooded me.

I was 100% it was not my mom as she was at home. I turned to run but saw a gross deer human thing. It looked as if it had not eaten in a year or so, being only skin and bones. Its head was that of a deer, but just a  skull of a whitetail buck, and the antlers. It had yellow creepy eyes though, and long skinny fingers with claws. It stood about 8 feet tall and 15 feet in front of me. I screamed at the top of my lungs when i saw it. It had also let out a blood curdling scream as if spooked by mine. I ran to my Nanny's house since the woods behind our houses were shared, faster than i have ever ran i my whole life, hearing footsteps behind me the whole way until i dove under our barbwire fence where the treeline stops. The house was thankfully unlocked and I ran inside then slammed it shut and locked it.

I peered out the window, to find it stopped at the treeline, as I had heard. It made eye contact with me and stood up on its hind legs and walked back into the forest. I heard my Australian Shepherd, Lucy, an outside dog that came around when hearing the door and barked ferociously at the creature, then when it was gone she ran back to the porch on the other side of the house, and i let her in and then locked that door.

My nanny asked what was wrong. I explained everything to her, the description of the creature and all. She looked taken aback and just called my mom and she picked me up. My mom is not a believer of the paranormal, so I just told her i saw a bobcat, we scared each other and i ran to Nanny's. I never bothered to tell anyone, not even my best friend i knew they wouldn’t believe me. The only person that knows is my nanny and she may have told my papa, her husband. Since then i only walk on my road, not those woods anymore.

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