This story happened when I was 10 or so. My grandpa owns a 200 acre property with a cabin up in Granby Colorado that is surrounded by forest, which he allows my family to go to. Me and my sister were sleeping in the second floor of this cabin which there are 2 beds and a window looking over the property and long driveway.

We had just gotten up there after a long drive and all of my family just fell asleep.

I woke up at 1:30 AM to a loud scream howl roar mix. I went to the window to check it out but the sound seemed to far away for me to see what made it, so I brushed it off as nothing. About 30 min later I woke up to the sound of scraping on the roof so I hid underneath my covers. I spent probably about 5 minutes under those covers but it felt like an hour, while I was underneath the covers I heard a thump on the ground.

I finally gained the courage to look out the window and saw something I’d never forget. A huge skinny creature was crouched in the drive way. It had the snout of a dog but was no dog. It also had antlers poking out of its head. I quickly grabbed a flashlight to shine on it, and this was a terrible idea.

As soon I as the flashlight turned on it whipped around to face me.

That’s when I saw it’s yellow rotten looking teeth and pale white eyes. Me and it locked eyes and after 10 seconds it ran off incredibly quick. The next morning I told my dad about it and he said that I was probably just dreaming but when I went outside there were large hoof like tracks but it look like claws were at the end of the toe.

The encounters didn’t end there though.

Two days later me and my sister were following a heard of cows my grandpa keep on his property. The cows were very calm and let us walk around them. The cows were in a clearing with trees surrounding it.

But suddenly as we were in the clearing the cows spooked an sprinted off.

In the trees across from where we came into the clearing the creature from 2 nights ago was staring at us and as we were frozen in fright it started to stand up on its hind legs almost resembling a human, and it seemed to be grinning at us with a human like grin.

At that point me and my sister sprinted back to the cabin. Neither me or my sister went out without a parent after that. It’s been 3 years since the incedent and I’ve done some research I think that what we saw was a Wendigo but I can’t be sure.
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