I live in south Wales, in a little village just outside Cardiff. I don't want to name the place specifically but there is a very popular singer from this particular town. Also anybody who knows wales will know that outside the cities can be quite rural and a mixture of fields, forests and mountains that quickly will merge into old mining villages.

One day I was on my way home from a 11 hour shift, as this happened in winter it had been dark for hours - despite only being 8 o'clock in the evening.

I decided to take a detour as my regular route was blocked due to an accident and it was the worst decision I have ever made...

I decided to go over the mountain that leads to my local village. The road goes up a steep incline that cuts in on itself and continues to go up and up. There are no Street lights but there are road markings that keep you on track. After about 10 minutes I make it to the top of the mountain. There is nothing notably strange at this point until I start to drive the slow incline down towards the deep forest.

Im about 30 seconds in to the drive down when I notice there are no other sounds other than the rattling of my engine and the radio - it was strange because even though I couldn't hear anything outside of the car it's like if something told me it wasn't right.

I don't know why but I stopped the car in order to listen to the sounds that should be there. The trees were dark and I could barely see past the tree line either side of me. In front my car headlights brightened up the road ahead. I turn my engine off as I found it difficult concentrating on the sounds outside of the car with the engine running.

It was silent, There wasn't a sound, No cricket noises or birds flapping their wings. There wasnt even the sound of the wind blowing. It was like all sound in that moment was non existent.

Then I heard it 'HELP!' Somebody cried through the darkness of the forest. 'HELP ME'

but the voice was distorted like if someone played it on a record player. It sounded crackly but faded out towards the end of every cry for help.

I jumped out of the car and tried to focus on what I could see past the trees. My heart was racing, I started sweating and breathing so heavily I felt my heart was coming up through my mouth. I was frozen in blind fear.

Then I saw it... it was a man - or so I thought. It was disproportionate with long skinny legs and arms. I saw its bright red eyes appear and disappear as if it was blinking and looking straight at me. It seemed to walk or glide towards me with his arms swinging back and fourth - I don't know because my head was fuzzy, I felt confused as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As it got closer I could see its face and it definitely wasn't human - it had little notable facial features. Its stopped and open its mouth wide, wider than anything I had ever seen before and it let out the most terrifying scream I had ever heard. It was so loud that it felt like it dug into my very existence and shook me to core.

That was the moment I shook my head and realise what was going on. I instantly jumped in the car and tried to start the engine - my hand was shaking so much I could barely turn the key. After what seemed like a lifetime I managed to put the car into first gear and drive off. I drive down the road and check my mirror and that THING is standing in the road. Not moving, not making a sound. Just standing there.

When I got home I locked all the doors and I cried for hours until I fell asleep. Eventually someone introduced me to scary horror stories where I listened to stories about skin walkers. That's what I believe I saw - I have had nightmares ever since and I always think that one day I will see that thing again... needless to say I have not gone near that area ever again.
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