This event took place in Damascus Oregon. I lived in a manufactured home out in the woods, with only one neighbor. It gets pretty dark out there, so dark you can't see anything at night. There are no street lights, and the only way you can see anything is with a flashlight.

    I was walking down our long gravel  driveway with my girlfriend at night, at 11pm. We were going to get the garbage and recycling from the end of our driveway. We did this because we were both lazy at the time and liked to get our mail at night. 

  I know this doesn't make much sense. Anyway, as we were walking I got a sensation of someone watching us as we are walking towards the end our driveway. I did have a flashlight with me, as I always bring one when we walking out at night.

  Also at this time, I had been listing to a lot of horror stories on YouTube which  lead me here. My favorite are skinwalker stories and I had been listening to a lot of these. So I was extremely paranoid of this while walking out at night.

 Now, I've never seen a skinwalker but honestly didn't want to have a run in with one. Once I got that sensation of being watched I couldn't help but to think one of these things might be out here hiding in the woods. I kept my flashlight pointing ahead and it was dead quite and I mean it was so silent all I could hear was us walking on the gravel. My girlfriend didn't seem to be alarmed. Maybe I was just being paranoid or stupid. 

  We were able to drag our bins back up to the house. Now this is where it gets weird, once we dropped off our empty garbage and recycling Ben's at the house I heard movement on the Bush away from the  house. I told my girlfriend to shush because it sounded large. My gf heard it too and quieted down because we were talking on our way up the driveway. Idk what possessed me to walk the short distance from the house towards the sound. I couldn't see anything because there was some dense Bush in front of me. 

   I was a couple feet away from the sound. This was the only thing we've heard other then us sense we walked out here. Now this was just stupid because mountain lions are pretty common around here so idk why I was thinking moving towards the sound.

  I remember this and slowly backed away from the movement. As I started to head back I heard a whistle. This scared the crap out of me because of all the stories I've listened to. I told my Girlfriend we have to go, my voice trembling. We both ran back into the house with this thing just whistling. Luckily I never heard anything or saw anything again. These thing exists, I'm just thankful I never saw it, I probably would have cried out of fear. 

  I hope you enjoyed my story, and be careful out here in the woods at night. There's something out here.

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