This happened when i was in college. I was drawing early concept art for my character when my two roommates came into the room I'll call them Francis and Isaiah. They were twin brothers Isaiah was on the football team and was tall while Francis was a very smart and was shorter than me or his brother.

They were also were completely party animals i was the relaxed booksmart and street smart i also wasn't a party guy. Isaiah said "yo dude were going to a party wanna come?"  I politely declined and then Francis said "come on dude everytime we see you your face is in that drawing pad of yours." And i said "and everytime i see you two you smell of alcohol and sweat." Isaiah said "if you go with us we won't bug you for 2 weeks." I thought about it and agreed two weeks with them being off my ass.

It had been a while since i went to a party and it was fun getting ready for a one. When i got there i was wearing jeans, a dress shirt, and dress shoes and when i was immediately hit the blasting music and the smell of alcohol.

Thats when Francis said "lets get f*cked up" me and Isaiah nodded and headed in different directions. I was having a beer when i saw this girl she was cute, small and was sitting on the couch.

I went over and introduced myself and we began talking. She said her name was Mia and that she was alone. We talked for a while about studying and school and other stuff like that. A while later we were out in the backyard making for a few seconds. After i said "wow that was..." "Amazing?" She asked and i nodded. I noticed someone watching us from inside the house he was small and skinny and looked like he was on something. He came outside and said "having a fun time?" In a gravelly voice. He was wearing baggy jeans dirty shoes and a black hoodie he had his hand in his pocket. I said "thats non of your business" Mia was just being quiet.

I told the guy to bug someone else asked if he could join in and i stood up and said "get away from us.." In a commanding voice. He smiled and pulled out a large pocket knife.

Two people came out of the forest from behind the house. Isaiah came out looking for me and saw what was happening he tackled the guy with the knife and one of the other two. I punched the last guy until my knuckles were red and bloody. His eye was bleeding along with his mouth and nose. Isaiah knocked out the first guy and was struggling with the second guy so i kicked the side of his head once and he was out it was at this point Mia was hiding behind the side out the house i helped Isaiah up and went to see if she was ok.

She was ok but she was also crying and said she was scared. Isaiah called the cops and the guys were taken to jail. This happened a few years ago me and Mia are still together. Isaiah and Francis are really good friends of mine. 
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