So this happened a few weeks ago. Me and my best friend, who we'll call Tay, were over at my grandparent's house in the country. We were playing hide an go seek in the dark, I know. Smart Idea. It was getting dark when I went to find the boys, who were hiding at the pond in a nearby field. I walked into this abandoned construction site when I felt.... off. I told Tay, who has better hearing than me, to listen to heartbeats. She later told me that it was an inhuman beat. We could hear the thing coming from all directions, but we knew there was only one of the thing. We ran into the light and started thinking of what could be there with us, while I contacted my boyfriend. It kept following us wherever we went, and I was terrified. Tay told me a story that still stands out to me today. Her older sister, who died 3 years ago, encountered the exact same creature we were dealing with, and it left a scar on her neck, about 3 inches long. All we knew was that it was fast, as big as a large housecat, and black as midnight. C'ee, Tay's older sister, told her that the eye color of the creature she caught was a dark blue, but it somehow managed to glow in the darkness. Now, the location that C'ee caught the creature was about 70 miles from my grandparent's. I know this is short, but it's a true story. Just know that I have always been drawn to the paranormal, and this, so far, is my scariest encounter.
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