This happened when I was about 14 and a freshman in highschool so anyways pay attention to these couple of sentences because it will make sense later in the story.

My friend  had at the time recently moved away to a crazy country house that had about 23 acres it was insanely huge. He used to live in the city with me but they wanted a way more private life so my mom had agreed to drive 2 hours to go see them and spend the night because my mom was friends with my friends mom. So I had never seen his new house and was super excited to see it.

Ok now back with the story. We pull up to their address and the first thing I noticed was the HUGE cornfields. He told me his parents were growing corn for a living but these were huge and they're were surprisingly many workers considering the nearest house was like half a mile away. Anyways fast forward to around 1 AM.

Me and my friend who for the purpose of this story I'll call timothy. So me and Timothy were doing basic 14 year old stuff, playing video games, eating junk food, and smoking trash weed. So we hear a bang at my friends window.

And I said let's check it out but he didn't think it was anything and wanted us to stay in here but our parents were asleep and I said "I'm checking it out you can come with if you want" I was bluffing because there was ABSOLUTELY no way i was going to go into cornfields alone at night ( I had played alot of outlast 2  at the time and watched alot of horror movies at the time) so he says fine he'll come with me and check it out.

So we realize that 3 of the workers from the fields are here (odd because they all leave at 5 and Timothy's dad drives them to a farm where they live) we ask them why they are there and they say something I can barely understand because at the time I was NOT fluent in spanish. They said something along the lines of "we saw something on our farm, some sort of animal, we came here and were waiting to get a call from our brothers to see if they caught it. we will give you 50$ to come help us find it" at the time I told timothy no way because I was skeptical and thought they might try to kidnap us.

But Timothy assured me that they had known our family for a while and they probably came to our house since we were the closest neighbors. Being 14 we both obviously excepted the deal because even if we dont find it, we each get 25$.

So we hop in they're truck and reach the farm. They tell us to start searching around the field so me and timothy started searching and what we found after 10 minutes of searching with nothing but our flashlights on our phones, horrifys me. We saw a almost looking bear type thing, with just 2 legs, it was sort of dragging the rest of its body along with itself, with a face that kind of looked almost humanoid, we started shouting and the family of farmers came running towards us and started shooting at the animal, but it was long gone. They told us not to tell our parents and sent us off with 100$ each instead of 25 each.

We were happy, but terrified and decided it was best to keep the story to ourselfs.
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