Ok so this all started a little while back when I was probably in third or fourth grade. I was a very shy kid, still am, but I'm a little better now. Me and my little brother had to move in with our Uncle for a little bit since our place with our Mom wasn't stable at the time because she was on drugs. And before we moved there we she was with this guy and he used to abuse my little brother and tell me the most creepiest things... it gave me chills.

When we started living with my Uncle it was pretty chill but then I started to get older, I gained a new sense of awareness. I started to become sad all the time and cry myself to sleep.  I had to be quiet though cause me and my brother shared a room at that moment in time. Then I started to think that things were in the corners of my room watching me, I was so scared.

A few months later I got my own room and I got a lot worse then I had been. I tried to commit  suicide a few times but failed.. I kept hearing things in my head telling me that I was worthless, fat, ugly, stupid, childish, weird, all kind of things. It did hurt. I started to cut myself, it was a relief for me at the time to feel the sting and see my blood. 

My Uncle finally found out about all of this and by that time my Mom was living with us. He found out because I accidentally left out a paper that I wrote my feelings on. I was sorta sad to because he used to judge me for my style, thank God he didn't know what I listened to. My style was wearing black and I liked rock bands. And  he was a big Christian. 

They sent me to a therapist but it didn't really help/  I just pretended it did. Then fast forward a few months we moved  out with our Mom and new Step- Dad. I was pretty happy about that. But I got even more depressed and the feeling was stronger that something was watching me. I was terrified to look up at night sometimes

Then one day my Mom was looking in a mirror and looked away for a second, and the mirror stayed in the position and laughed in a evil voice. And she said it had black eyes. She ran out the bathroom crying and screaming like she just saw a demon. So her and my Step- Dad said the sinners prayer. After they did that she started throwing up blobs of black things and blood. That night was so crazy. We started up candles and incense around the house. 

 A few weeks later I had a terrible night.

When I was going to bed that night I closed my door and shut off my lights as usual. Climbed up my bunk bed and fell asleep. I thought I woke up but I really didn't. I felt like I went into the living room and sat on the couch. The room was pitch black but the couch was glowing a little, I could see body's around it. I ran back to my bed and fell asleep. Then I thought I woke up again but I didn't. I was in my Mom's room and the house was pitch black and I saw people running around screaming with candles.

Somehow I fell asleep again, and felt like I woke up. But once again I didn't.  This time it was way worse. Something was sitting on my chest, and there were demons in all the corners. I was trying to move but I couldn't, every time I screamed it just muffled. I finally woke up for real, and the it felt like the whole room was spinning. My head was hurting and my throat was tight and I was crying a lot. I ran out to my brothers room. My boyfriend at the time stayed the night. So I went in there trying to get him up but he didn't wake. Then he pointed across the room and said "look! That dude's going fast!" That scared me to death. 

I got my phone and tried to call my old Step Mom and my pastor but they didn't answer since it was like six in the morning. 
Then I went to my Mom's room and said Mom help me, I'm scared. She woke up and turned around, she looked terrified. She said she felt like a demon was behind her but she heard my voice. So she was trying to comfort me and it worked. Later that day a friend came over and helped us.
I'm all good now. I just hope it doesn't happen again.
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