It all started back in the summer of 2017 when I saw it the first time, I was scared for some time, but the fear slowly passed and I continued on with my life (and I should mention this was taking place partly in the early morning hours and partly at night).

Well 3 weeks ago in that same road as 2017 I saw it again, those red embers for eyes, one more time digging into my soul, but it seemed weird and distorted, not like the one we saw 1 and a half year ago, this one had been in many fights as seen in the deep claw marks in it's stomach and legs, a few teeth missing and much more stained, this one seemed older in age, much older than the one we saw all this time ago.

After a moment's notice it was running beside our car and it was keeping up and it seemed like it could pass us if it wanted to but it didn't. The next time we saw it was at the evening at about 9:30 p.m we once again told my grandparents about this and now that I was older 14 actually I could use a gun and I grabbed an old remington my grandpa had I loaded in 5 shells and my father, my grandpa and I stayed up all night taking strolls around the house's windows it popped up every now and then, to be honest I was scared alla of were scared but we had to protect our people.

After some time not showing the thing leaped in front of the house with 1 more silluete coming behind it slowly.

We knew that the situation was bad and we were basically pinned and with r hours left till dawn we had to come up with a plan but the power was out and we only had one flare and some thunder crackers we threw away the thunder crackers in front of the creature, after some time staring at them the second one showed up, but it still didn't resemble the one I saw 1 and a half year ago, but it was younger.

Well the plan was know taking place both creatures where above the thunder crackers and we fired the flare at their direction, immediately a huge explosion carried out with the fading sound of a screech, we thought we got'em but we just made them angrier, the older one stayed on the ground while the younger one was on top of the roof, then we heard a crash coming from upstairs and with a loud thud we knew that thing had gotten inside the house, we scrambled around and hid in cupboards and under furniture I was under a sheet covered table and I had a clear view of it's legs it had wolf like paws but with much longer nails, after an hour of hiding we heared them produce almost silent hisses at the whole place we thought the worst but it was now or never me my dad and my grandpa with two shotguns and with a bolt action rifle we went haywire on those things but when the smoke cleared out we saw nothing, only some dog prints but not a single drop of blood, after that event my grandma called a priest to bless the house. After that my grandpa mysteriously died and I think it has to do with something about those monsters.

I will right as soon as possible what happened.
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