I ride horses at a barn in Michigan along with some of my really good friends. The following story is my friend’s (let’s call him J).

One late evening at the barn, J finished up riding and taking care of his horse and began to set off for the night. Now, our barn rests on an extensive string of dirt roads surrounded by mostly forest.

It’s quite desolate and has an eerie feeling after it gets dark. So, J leaves the barn and turns his beloved Jeep onto the first small dirt road leading away from the barn. As his headlights meet the road, they illuminate what appears to be a large dog in the middle of the road. J figured the dog belonged to a farmer in the area and decided to not approach the animal, but to rather flick it with his high beams in hopes that it would get the hint and move out of the road.

The dog-like creature turns its head in J’s direction and J notices it’s hunched over an unidentifiable animal in the road, eating it. The dog-like creature proceeds to get up and begins to run into the woods... on its hind legs. J, in shock, sped the heck out of there.

It’s a short story and I wish I could give you more, but for me, knowing that a bipedal dog creature roams right near where our horses sleep is enough to give me the creeps at night. After hearing this story and seeing the absolute truth in his face when he tells it, I’m afraid to be at the barn alone after dark. I hope to never meet the Michigan dogman. 

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