This happened about 3 years ago and to this hair still stands on end telling it.  It was late in the afternoon I was getting my 3 girls ready for bed and getting things ready for the next day.  It was a normal night but got to bed a little later than usual.  I walked around the house checking the doors and window because of odd sound I had been hearing previous nights.  Not sure what it was I made sure nights following that the house was locked up and all windows were shut.  I had been asleep a few hours when something woke me from my sleep and immediately I noticed a strong smell of a musty wet dog and found that odd as we didnt have pets at the time....I looked over but was immediately frozen in fear I saw what the only thing I could explaine as a werewolf it was on 2 legs I.could hear it breathing I could see its breath in the darkness of the room.  As soon as it made eye contact with me it turned to run off in the direction of my daughters room so I jumped up from my bed to run after it.  Im not really sure what I was going to do but I wasnt going to let it get to my kids.  As I was running in the direction it went I had to pass by the back door which led to the kitchen and then them a long hallway to my girls bedrooms.  I made it to their rooms and they were all sound asleep and no sight of  the creature I had just  seen.  As I walked back to my bedroom....I got to the kitchen and in fear once again...the backdoor was wide open....what had just happened did I dream this or was there really the creature there that I had seen or it  I dreaming and woke up in fear....but why would the back door be wide open?  I still to this day question if I had actually seen it or dreamt it...later on that week a few nights I couldnt sleep so I stayed up in the living room doing word finds and I need something very large running across the roof. I never went and investigated...and I would hear sounds in the woods I couldnt explain.  I just cant get over that night could a dream really hit about all your senses....I could hear it breathing, see it, feel it breath on me's was so tall it had to duck to go thru the door way.....I just dont know ......I dont like the dark anymore and I don't like being out in wooded areas....this never bothered me before
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