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I would like to share something that's not so much scary as it is strange and unexplained at least for me to this very day. I'm a believer in all things paranormal and I like to think I treat the topic with respect and a healthy dose of real possibilities-check before claiming an event as paranormal. That's exactly why I wouldn't claim what happened is, necessarily, paranormal in any way.
It's also important to explain that I remember vividly very old dreams - ones that were not nightmares or scary - but more of riddles - for example a labyrinth city underground where the dream-me would be looking for a sibling /which I have none of in my real life/ and would go through huge zones of buildings of ice or of recycled metal and wood boards. Or the three-headed hyena I've dreamed about when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. This said - I know dreams and the specific feeling that a thing IS indeed one. And along this line - I have had only one dream that would develop over a set amount of time in the same surrounding. Meaning over a couple of months every few days I would have a dream in the same natural environment but in every next dream I would be doing something different, starting from a different point and seeing different things. It was over in less than a year but it was fascinating and confusing at the same time.

Now, for the main story I want to share. It was most likely at least 5 years ago. /I am currently 29/ As I usually do in the evenings I was listening to music while scrolling through some games on the computer. I believe I was listening to a rock playlist  I had on my computer and I have listened to this specific melody before without it causing any kind of reaction. And I say melody because it was "Eternal" by Evanescence - it's not exactly a song. So it switches to this melody and as I'm having my hand on my mouse and my eyes on the screen I start seeing almost as clear as I could see the room around me, lights. Bright lights on the top corners of a tunnel slowly turning left, moving with the speed of a car going through it. And  I was still seeing  my bed, my room, my mother on the other end of the room - everything material that was there before me - along with those lights. The lights - and the movement - slowed to the pace of a running human and I could see "myself" going out of a small arch on the side of a rainy street with brick houses in front of "me". I believe the first time it ended right about the moment when "I" turned  out on the street and headed to the corner of the buildings on my left side. I listened to the melody the next day too - and this time "I" went past the street lamp that was on the previously mentioned corner - I remember that lamp had a broken glass side and the light bulb inside was off but the lamp in the end of the longer road I had just turned on - was on as well as the two lamps on the other side of the street. The space between the walking zones was big - more than 2m for sure. The road was paved with those small cobblestones that sometimes come in colors and can be in shades of yellow and orange and brown. "I" walked past a big puddle of the rainwater on my right side somehow realising the town behind my back is dark and still sleeping. Heading down - or perhaps more accurately would be "up" - was where I left off at this point and for a couple of days I didn't listen to the song again. And because I got curious I played it again probably a week later. I started higher up - somewhat of a bird's eye view - of that same street and landed a bit before "I" would reach a  huge metal gate. - And here's where it becomes even more confusing to me because I can make myself believe it might have been imagination but I can't imagine textures as if I'm touching the real thing. It would remain flat in the mind. - While still seeing and realising the room around me - I could feel with my own fingers the cold, wet, massive metal bars of that gate. I even closed my hands a couple of times to try and separate the reality from this vision but still - my fingers in reality were cold after that. "I" was standing there, holding the gate's horizontal bar with my left hand, one of the vertical ones with the right, and looking up towards a house on a small hill. There was a path curving right towards the house, still in the same style cobblestone, a couple of trees on the left, towering above the gate and the stone fence on its side, and there were shrubs - almost like trimmed decorative round-ish topiaries - on the right, taller than the fence on that side too - which seemed taller on the right because the road was going down a slope. That time - this vision lasted just that much but it was partially because I was getting an emotion overcoming me without a logical source and I wanted to "pull out". I waited more before listening again. I guess at that point while still curious I was starting to be a bit scared of what this is and what it could mean. But eventually curiosity was stronger and I played it again - maybe a month later. The emotion of the "me" returned and literally almost choked me because it was sadness. And that was the time I realised whoever that "me" is is a mother who is to leave her child and her husband because the town's officials have forced her to leave blaming her for hurting someone. I'm not sure if there was witchcraft somewhere in ... her? memories. So this time "I" - she - held the gate's wet bars as the rain was slowing down and clouds were getting torn away by the first hints of the sun - and looking up at the house. She could see the little window on the left side of the house being open and the lace curtain slightly swinging in the air. She could see the faint silhouette of the man inside and she knew he's reading to their little girl from her favourite book to the light of a gas lamp that was on the bedside table just under the window. And after some time she stopped looking towards them and turned right and headed down the slope. After this kind of development I just HAD to see where this all is going. So I played the melody - song - composition again the next day. And she didn't go much further but the details were stunning. And I finally got to see her face. For some reason this time I was someone walking right next to her - she was taller than I am in real life - and I'm 1,60-ish m. So she was at least 1,80m. tall, well-built - not too slim and not unhealthily round but a nice female as body, covered in this black or very dark blue robe so I couldn't see clothes or anything much under the hood of it. But there was black hair showing a bit under the hood and she turned sideways as if to glance behind and I could see her blue eyes. Think Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings - something very close. But the woman I was seeing  had a slimmer face, pointier jawline and was paler and with smaller lips.
So after this glance she looked back down and kept going towards the exit of the town. There was stores she was passing by - I can recall a bakery and a clothing store but I'm certain there were more - and a lot were on the bottom floor of houses where people lived. She stopped for a moment when she reached one of the town's smaller squares - surrounded by the houses and stores it had a fountain in the middle. And a mosaic on the ground. Now, I've done some researching to see if I can find something similar to that mosaic but I've never found anything that could be the exact thing. The style however was like the Roman ones - the technique of the stone placement was like in them. I remember a red circle being a border between the square's bigger cobblestones and the smaller insides. And in the red circle was sectioned with very vibrant either blue or green lines. With the fountain the centre being surrounded by a smaller orange circle and a - almost impossibly bright yellow in the middle. All those sections had even smaller sections and details within them that are fuzzy in my memory right now. But it was so complex It was clear in my mind for very long. That "session" ended with her going past the fountain, now without the intense sadness in her chest /and my throat/, the rain had completely stopped, and she entered a very dark alley between two houses. I do remember over again taking at least a few weeks before trying to see if I see her again. And I did - but it was somewhat fainter, as if fading away. That last time I saw her she went in the dark of  the houses in the small alleyway, passed them and came out to a pretty much completely clear grass field - with only forests being visible in the distance behind her right hand - side. Before her was green until she reached a long bridge with an archway that was starting to fall apart. Now, while looking for something real similar to that bridge the closest thing would be an aqueduct. But there was no river or waterway under it - it was a very long, stretching to connect two sides of a fault in the mountain. She headed towards that bridge and as she was stepping on it the sun was already rising from behind the peaks in the distance and my point of view lifted up again. And I knew she's calm and content as she knew her child will be safe with her father even after she leaves. And that she hopes she's remembered.
As I said in the beginning - I know a dream. And I've never had one of those dreams that are so realistic it feels like it's really happening in the waking world. And through all this "vision" thing I was completely conscious and aware of my actual physical surroundings, I rarely drink, I don't smoke and I've never had anything like it happen before - if we exclude the actual dream that was like a story. Perhaps someone would say I imagined it - and while I've considered that - when you imagine something you're doing it willingly and by actually engaging your mind to think about it. Those "visions" came to me like a wave hitting suddenly and unexpectedly while my mind was completely blank or, even more, thinking about something else. I've thought it could be synaesthesia - it's a thing when one would "see" sounds or "hear" colors. But I'm not certain if synaesthesia works episodically as after she went away I've listened to the same song again and again and if anything I would get pale hints of the memory of it all happening but not the entire thing again and not anything new. There is one other possibility I like a bit more. I've had surgery when I was a child - I believe about the age of 5. And, because I've shared what I would see with my mother and told her the details, the clarity I would see them with, she replied with a question connected to that surgery. She asked "Where did you go during that time?"  - she meant during my body was asleep - where did my soul? mind? go? 

I apologise if this came out too long and if, in some places I have grammatical or punctuation mistakes. English is not my native language but I always try my best when writing in it. And all this time after it all stopped I've felt like I HAVE to tell that story somewhere. I HAVE to share it. It all felt very European - very Italian. I've dug enough to find some small towns in and around Tuscany having single places that look almost like taken out of that vision. 
So, with that I'll wrap it up. I hope I at least made an enjoyable read. Thank you to anyone who sees this and if you have any questions or ideas what it could've been - please do share. 
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