14 (M) from western North Carolina.This story takes place near Roan Mountain Tennessee. In December 2019 I believe I saw a Windego watching me. It all started late night a week before Christmas. I was sitting on my porch waiting for my mom to come stargazing with me, yes I know it’s odd, but it’s something that my mother and I have always enjoyed to do. She was in her bedroom which was adjacent to the porch getting dressed. I was sitting on the porch waiting for her at around 10 o’clock at night. I heard some rustling by a large bush and looked over. I saw two huge red eyes around 4 feet from the ground. I was staring at those eyes for what felt like an eternity,but was only around two minutes, then all of a sudden those eyes began to rise, then I realised that it wasn’t something small, but something huge. It walked out of the bush and it seemed to be 7 feet tall. I’m around a 5 foot 10 and I had to look up to it from about 25 feet away. It had pale skin, large claws, matted black hair in patches, and it was staring at me. Then it let out a low growl and took three steps towards me. I’m not sure if it was a he or a she because it had no genitalia, but it was built like a human man. I felt nothing but fear in that moment. For some unknown reason it just turned away and walked In the opposite direction like nothing it happened and it was just going back home or to the store or something else Mundane. Then it walked behind my great uncles barn and then it disappeared. The next day I went to where it was and there were footprints bigger than my hand but they just stopped at the barn. I still sit out on the porch at night but haven’t seen anything like it since. I’d always heard of the Windego coming from Cherokee descent although I never thought I would see one for myself. If you’re ever near Roan Mountain Tennessee be wary of what’s in those woods because you never know what you may see.
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