This takes place in the woods near where I live in England it was back in November 2017, I like going out for late night walks with my brother or with my friends I like going out into the woods because it help me reconnect with myself and nature usually me and whoever I take with me just sit on some logs. This time I was with my friends and we just went out for a wonder and we just wanted to go past where we usually stay at first we thought it was a good idea at the time as we were stupid back then and didn’t really care, as we got deeper into the woods we got bored so we started to listen to music out loud and out of nowhere after the third song we heard a woman’s voice asking if anyone was out there at first we ignored her and she asked again so my friend said yes are you ok the voice said no and then it was dead silence we didn’t know which direction her voice came from then we turned around and started to walk back then I felt like someone was watching us so I messaged the group to ask them if they feel the same way and they did our pace started to get faster and then we heard the voice again and she said why are you children alone and we just casually but cautiously replied saying we just wanted to go on a walk and then we saw the woman from what I can remember she was tall, slim build, pale skin, dark brown hair but what scared me and my friends more was the fact she had red eyes and she had blood dripping from her mouth we asked if she was lost and she didn’t reply until she looked at my female friends and said no I live here, this is my home and I think it is you that is lost.

She started walk away and then we all started to run we kept hearing laughter as if she was enjoying the fact we ran.

Now we were near the exit of the woods and she was just sat there on a rock brushing her hair this is when I got a better look at her her eyes changed from blood red to crystal blue and she was wearing slim jeans, long sleeved shirt and a leather jacket.

We didn’t want to provoke her so we stayed our ground so we started to ask more questions like how did you get here before us and why are you following us and again she was silent, then she made a weird noise as if she had a dry throat then she dropped something out of her hand I went to pick it up for her and she went to get it at the same time as me I looked at it and it was a ring with a blue rock in the middle she asked if I could give it back to her then she ran away.

I still go into the woods to see if I can see her again as I’ve got so many questions but I always hear her voice at night near the woods asking if anyone was there 
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