This story is not mine, it is a story told to me by one old lady who is the grandmother of my best friend.

In Serbia during the 1950s in villages there were was no electricity or many things that today we take for granted. So if you want to make a bread you have to go to the old mills on the river and make flour and bring it back home so everyone can eat, usually it was a job for a kids in 15,or 16 year old.

One day two brothers and sister who is a grandmother who is telling this story went to a location where the mill is so they can get bigger among of flour back home for bread.

So the mill is on the little river and has one bell in front of the entrance (this will be important) but if you want to ring it you have to grab small metal bar and hit it, maybe 200 meters there was small cottage where people slipping if they have to.

Because it was late at night and they did their job in preparing the fluor for back home, they decided to stay in the cottage during the night and in the morning they can go home.

Problem was that cottage had 2 small beds and some of the two brothers will have to sleep on the floor on some old clothes.

They were both young but also hard headed and decided to run from cottage to mill ring a bell and who is the fastest will sleep in the bed and their sister will count time on loud. So first brother 16 years old run and in some time hit the ball with metal bar and run back to the cottage.

Second brother was next 18 years old, and it was almost night but there was small light still outside.

He ran to the cottage but almost few seconds he rushed to the mill bell rings and he was running back with a fear in his eyes and took his sister and brother for arms and rushed to the cottage closing the door behind him but not taking his eyes of the direction of the mill. After this sister and younger brother ware confused and asked him how was he that fast and why is he so scared.

He said there was someone there by the mill, he kicked the ball and he had red eyes, red eyes.

They knew what that meant, vampire.

You see in Serbian folklore vampires used to be near mills, because it is far away from the village and people going there were easy pray. During the night there was no sleep, all the night vampire was hitting the door of the cottage and looking through the window and screaming.

In one point they all started playing out loud and noise stopped, but when they looked out the window they could see a person standing near the cottage. When the sun came out, they run back home and explained everything.

Needless to say they didn't go back there. Sorry if I miss spelled something English is not my native language
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