I submitted this under 'Real monster sightings', although I'm not sure if this counts as 'monster'. Let's just say that the monster I'm talking about, is my best friend.

Every day, I walk to school with him, my best friend that I'll call Adrien here. He was my partner in crime, we did everything together. Until a week ago.

The day started like every other one, I walked to Adrien's house to pick him up so we could walk to school together. I knocked on his door. One time... two times... after five times still nobody answered. I decided to send him a message. Maybe he just didn't hear me. He was probably upstairs with his headphones on, as always. I just send him a simple 'I'm at your door, you coming?'

After a minute, he finally opened the door. When I saw him, I was a bit confused. He was wearing black pants, and that was literally all. "Uhm, Adrien, you know we have school right?", I asked him. He was looking down on me, not answering my question. Yes, he had to look down, I am a pretty small girl. Adrien used to call me 'shorty' all the time.

He stepped aside, mentioning for me to come in. I wanted to protest at first, but walked in anyway. We still had half an hour before classes started. I always came early enough so we still had some time to talk.

He led me to his room and told me to wait for a bit so he could change. I still don't understand how he managed to forget about school, though.

After what seemed like hours, he came back from the bathroom, now fully dressed. He normally was the person who would wear a lot of colorful clothes, but today he was wearing all black. He also looked very tired, the bags under his eyes were huge. I've never seen Adrien like this.

"Are you ready to go?", I finally asked. He nodded and we made our way down the stairs. He still hadn't said a word to me.

On our way to school, we always hold hands. Not because we're a couple, we just did it since we were little and never stopped doing it. We get a few weird looks from other students but it's not like I care anyway.

When we arrived at school, I had math class and Adrien had history. Before I went to class, he asked me to meet him after school. Just so you know, school here in Belgium ends at 5 pm. It's winter, so it's already getting dark around that hour.

In the middle of math class, I saw him standing at the window, staring at me. He was supposed to be in class, what was he doing there? And in an eye blink, he was gone. It must have been my mind who was playing tricks on me.

After school, I waited for him outside of my classroom, just like he asked. Everyone already left our class, and the hallway was empty. It was around 5:25 pm when he finally arrived. We walked outside, still without saying a word. When we were outside of the building, he suddenly pushed me against the wall, which startled me. When I looked him in the eyes I saw they were a bright yellow color, not the blue they were supposed to be. When he came closer I could also see his fangs, long, sharp teeth, that weren't there before. When I saw that, I ran away as fast as I could. I didn't know where I was going, it was dark and I was totally lost at this point. As I turned around, he was gone.

I walked back home, thinking about what happened, I was completely shocked.

On my way back home, I saw Adrien again, in the bushes, drinking the blood of a girl. I screamed when he looked up. There was blood dripping down his chin, and the girl he was holding wasn't moving. Once again, I ran away as fast as I could.

Since then, I didn't see him again. I went back to his house once, but he never opened the door. I could see him through the window though, sitting on a chair behind his desk, not moving.
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