Hi, You don't need to know my real name, however you can call me anything
One day I was walking from school and It was really late because I was coming from soccer practice, it was around 6pm, and night had already fallen. I'm a guy who's really scared of the dark and I don't like halloween, Anyways lets get back to the story, My house is about a 50 minute walk from my school and as I said it was really dark, as I continued walking I was passing by some tall trees that are really close to each other, almost like a forest, it was so cold I thought I was going insane, anyways couple more minutes into walking I heard a rustling beside me by the tall and creepy looking trees, I was really scared at that time because like I said, I'm scared of the dark, But then, I heard a voice called out to me, it sounded like my mother, however, somehow I got the courage to check it out, 2 minutes have passed and I didn't see anything, so I decided to head to back, and that's when I noticed the silhouette of something, I could only make out the shape, It was very tall slender and lanky. That's when I realized it wasn't my mother, I started sprinting like a maniac to try and get away from whatever the hell that was, I was running for over 10 minutes straight, suddenly I was back onto the track I was suppose be on when I was going home, not long after I made it home, my father and mother asked me where I've been, I was hesitant at first, but I decided to tell them anyways, after I told them what had happened they laughed it off and said it was probably someone pranking you, but I didn't believe them, how can someone be pranking me if whatever the hell that thing was sounded exactly like my freaking parents, I soon stopped thinking about it, and I went to take a shower, after taking a shower I got some snacks and drinks and sat in the living room to watch some tv, not long after, I heard screeching at the kitchen window, I started thinking about that thing I saw earlier, but I said it couldn't be, however, I was wrong I decided to check it out and that's when the motion detecting lights turned on, I saw it, it wasn't human, It had long greasy hair, it had pale and rotting skin, and it didn't have any eyes nor did it had eye sockets it had long black finger nail, it was just standing there staring at me through the kitchen window although it didn't have any eyes It was like it was looking into my soul, I opened the window and said: "Who are you?", it said, 1 month from now, you'll die, I started crying like an idiot, I closed the window turned off the tv ran to my parents room and started banning on their door, It felt like I've been waiting for them to open the window for hours, finally they opened the window and said what's with all the banging, and I started started to tell them what the thing Was I saw, and they said I was just imagining and I should stay in their room tonight. I'm writing this 3 days after the incident, and that's all there was to it, Nothing more, nothing less

To all of you people out, you don't have to believe me, but a word of advice, if you hear someone calling out to you in the night beside trees, don't answer and don't go searching.

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