It's a little difficult trying to explain this one, after all it isn't even my own story. This happened to my mother when she was a young girl. She always had to move a lot because her family was poor. She shared a small room with her older sister, and they had a bunk bed. My mom had a clear view of the ceiling and the closet, meaning she could see someone exiting or entering that closet. My mom has a great memory which is why she can remember some memories in wonderful detail. She heard something fall in the closet, but her sister didn't say anything which was odd because her sister always sleep talks. The closet slowly opened and my mom froze. It felt like she was glued to the bed, not being able to move at all. Something horrifying came out of that closet. It looked absolutely repulsive. Long, thinning, black hair covered its entire head except for its face. My mom described the thing as having no nose or eyes, only a mouth that was hanging open the entire time. It was naked but there was no genitals. The thing looked very anorexic, its bones appearing through its snow white skin. It slowly crawled on the wall and onto the roof. It's head twisted all the way around, staring directly at my mom. My mother spoke prayers in here head and proceeded to try and call her dad. Nothing came out, just a whisper. When she realised that she couldn't call for help, my mom closed her eyes and was almost too scared to open them. A few minutes later, she opened her eyes and just like that it was gone. The closet door remained open and she hasn't told anyone about this story besides me. My mom hasn't even told her parents, which is very unlike her. I pray that I never saw what my mom saw in the future. So far, I've only had one super natural experience thankfully.
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