Phillip S.
This is a collection of experiences I have of the paranormal in Nevada. They still creep me out to this day but talking about them more often helps me get through them. Without further a do, here are my stories.

"My Sisters House"

It was during spring break of 2014. I was 16 at the time and a Junior in high school. I was visiting my sister and her family for the week. Her name is Meegan and in the house is her then husband Ben, my nephews Greg and Justin, who were 9 and 6, and my niece Chelsea, who was 7.
 She lives in Tonopah, where it is 3 hours north of Las Vegas, in Nevada. Tonopah is a very small town and basically in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by mountains. My sisters house is in a small suburb like neighborhood where each house is almost toughing each other. Anyways, the first couple of days went well without incident. But one night it was just me in the house. Meegan and  Ben went on a date at the bar and Greg, Justin, and Chelsea were with their biological father. I was very tired from jetlag still and want to sleep. I texted my sister to see if I can have one of their pistols under the pillow just in case. She said its fine so I grabbed a Glock. I know it doesn't make sense since we are surround by neighbors but I feel more protected and plus the neighbors aren't home. So I put the gun under the pillow. They didn't have a extra room so I slept on the couch.

 They way I slept is that I have my back face the living room and my face against the cushion. There is still a little bit of light outside but I was exhausted and didn't care. My sister has a few reptiles so she has their lamps on at night so when it gets dark there would still be some light in the living room. I woke up suddenly to a chill and I start to smell something strong. It wasn't putrid like rotting meat but more like of cologne. I turned and saw something that make my eyes widen. It was a tall humanoid black figure and it was leaning down a few feet away and is just staring at me. No eyes, mouth, nose or any other facial features. Not even hair. It looked like someone in a black morph suit. The lamps didn't reflect any light from it. I grab the pistol and point it at its direction but it was gone. Heart pumping like I got done with an anxiety attack. It took me a while to go back to sleep. I didn't see it anymore that week. But I did see white orbs, shadows at the corner of my eye and I still smell that weird scent.

 On my last day there I heard Greg talking to someone in his room. I went over and asked him who is he talking to. He said "Mr. Black." I asked "Who is Mr. Black?" What he said made me question myself. "He is the tall dark man. I don't know his name so I gave him one" I know exactly who he is talking about. Thankfully they moved to a new house a few years after. Screw that place and screw Mr. Black.

"The Mizpah Hotel"

The Mizpah Hotel is located in Tonopah, Nevada. If you are a fan of Ghost Adventures then you will know the place since it was featured in a few episodes. I was working as dishwasher in the restaurant portion of the hotel in the summer of 2017. I was having troubles at home so I temporarily moved to my sisters new house till things cooled.

 On one of the nights it got busy and when it closed there was a ton of dishes. It was only me and the front desk attendant in the building. I went to the basement and receive some towels. On my way up I heard a *ping*. I turned around in shock and didn't move. *ping* *ping* *ping*. It sounds exactly like a pick axe hitting rocks. It stopped as quickly as it came. So I got out of the basement and continue my job. Half an hour later I went to the plate rack to drop of some plates when something caught my eye at the doorway that leads to the restaurant. It was a woman in a red dress. I got paralyze and drop the plates I was carrying. Shattering all over the floor. Shaking like I was in the South during the winter. She l was looking into my eyes and has a face like she wants to say something but couldn't or don't know how. After a few seconds she disappear like a mist. I cleaned up the mess and clocked out in a hurry because I was so scared I don't want to stay any longer.

 Turns out she is one of the residential ghosts they name The Lady in Red. I lost that job because I didn't finish the dishes that night. I was bummed out because it was hard to find a job in a small town but I understand. That hotel is a real freaky but interesting place.

Those are my experiences in Nevada and to this day I am still in disbelief with these events. I will always remember them.
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