Before moving out and living on my own, I lived with my parents in a ranch in Kentucky in the middle of nowhere. One night when my parents were gone I was home alone and it was around 8 pm. I heard a loud ear peircing scream that sounded inhuman. I looked out the window to see what it was but I couldn´t see anything. I then ran to grab one of the guns we had and went outside to see what it was. I know that may have not been a wise choice, but I was eager to see what it was. We didn´t have cougars or mountain lions or any of those animals near us, so that´s not what I assumed it to be. I went outside and it was almost completely dark outside and all I could see was the silhouette of some creature, it didn´t look to be any kind of animal I knew of. It let out the same ear peircing scream and I ran back inside and locked all the doors. After 5 minutes or so the sound went away. The next day when we went outside we found footprints in the dirt, we called the sheriff and they said they never saw those kinds of footprints before. They tried to rationalize and said it was probably a wild animal, but I heard those screams, and I still believe those footprints belonged to a cryptid.
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