Last Wednesday I drove down to work at factory near the lake, a two hour round trip from my home to work the three to eleven-thirty shift. I've been forced to travel from my home due to the Corona Virus epidemic. I got to work early so I decided to eat my lunch down by the lake. It was a hot day and the air felt strangely silent. Awhile later some duck hunters pulled up. They were rough looking men and were talking about their kill. Next, a man and his son pulled up with fishing gear. They unloaded their gear on the back of their tailgate.

When I finished my lunch and pulled away in my car, I heard the man with the son mouth, "nigger," at me. I distinctly remember hearing that word. I thought it odd and racist, but didn't let it bother me. The next day when I got to work, I noticed that the road the lake was blocked off by police cars with flashing sirens. I thought that was odd, but continued about my business. It was only later when I read the news when I found out what had happened there at the lake that day.

Two teenage girls had gone missing that day.

Their inner tubes were found a mile away, but the girls were not found and a search party was out for them. The odd part about the story was that a fisherman was quoted as having picked up the girls phones which were abandoned next to their clothes on the shore and answered it. My mind flashed back to the people I'd seen at the beach that day.

At this point, a week and a half later, the girls still have not been found. I read in the news article that the waves on the lake were 10 feet high that day due to a freak storm and the girls could have been drowned. Or they could have been kidnapped by people with sinister purposes. Either way, the girls are still missing.
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